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    • Golden
    Golden Highope Industrial, established in 1975, specializes in manufacturing various Beverage products in wide range of materials. Our products are designed, engineered, manufactured, warehoused and shipped in compliance with API, ASTM, JIS, DIN, DAN, SMS and many other international quality standards from the spectroscopic tested, casting to the final assembly and thorough inspection processes. Welcome to our website to find detailed products information.

Products Catalog

  • Canned Beverages
    1. Product code: (1) B. 52012. (2) C. 42112. 2. Product name: (1) B. honey herbal jelly drink. (2) C. mixed sweet porridge Chinese style. 3. Packing detail: (1) B. 24/310 ml. cans, 0.0133 CBM / N.W.7.68 kg / G.W. 9.255 kg / CTN. (2) C. 24/235 ml. cans, 0.0107 CBM / 6.00 kg / 7.50 kg / CTN.
  • Canned And P.P. Hot Filling Soft Drinks
    About market of PP bottles and aluminum cans: Before the inventions of PET/PP bottles or Tetra Pak, the package of aluminum cans prevailed in the soft drinks market. The advantages of canned Beverage which explain the long-term existence in the industry include efficient production methods and longer storage durations than other types of soft drinks packaging materials. Our strengths: 1. The production speed of filling machine is up to 400 bottles per minute. 2. We use PP bottles produced by our own which can also deduct the production cost and also provide more options about the volume size.
  • Canned Beverages
    1. Product name: (1) D. Paochong tea (low sugar). (2) E. Mixed fruit & vegetable juice. 2. Product code: (1) D. 52335. (2) E. 53114. 3. Packing detail: 24/340 ml. cans, 0.0137 CBM / N.W. 8.40 kg / G.W. 10.40 kg / CTN.
  • Canned Beverages ( Asparagus Drinks)
    1. Product code: a. 51112, b. 51115. 2. Product name: asparagus drink. 3. Packing detail: (1) a. 24/235 ml. cans, 0.0106 CBM / 6.00 kg / 7.50 kg / CTN. (2) b. 12/960 ml. cans, 0.0185 CBM / 12.00 kg / 14.00 kg / CTN.
  • Hot Filling Soft Drinks ( PET Bottled Fruit Juice)
    About the market of Beverage: Besides bottled water, bottled Beverage is another major market in this industry. The factors which lead to the large consumption of the bottled Beverage include quality, customized taste, and the convenience. Our strengths: We exclusively have a tea-extract machine which can extract the essence of tea, particularly for non-sugar tea. We use PET bottles produced by our own which can deduct the production cost.
  • Carbonated Drinks (Soda)
    About the market of the carbonated drinks: Carbonated drinks dominate the market share of the Beverage market globally and will be much more prevalent in the future. Most of the competitors involved in the industry are optimistic about the future potentials of this market and they also would like to expand the business to some other target markets to increase the volume. It was estimated that the market of carbonated drinks would generate 7 billion sales volumes in 2007 which meant that there were still more potentials of the growth would be generated.
  • Canned Beverages
    1. Product name: A. Lemon tea. B. Peach juice drink. C. Guava juice drink. 2. Product code: A. 51363. B. 51563. C. 51713. 3. Packing detail: 24 / 340 ml. cans, 0.0137 CBM / N.W. 8.40 kg / G.W.10.40 kg / CTN.

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