Standard Suppliers

  • Guangxi Wuxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

    GUANGXI WUXING CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. mainly produces and engages in microelements for Feed additives, phosphoric acid methanol, urea, ammonium chloride, copper sulphate, zinc sulfate, sodium selenite thinner, polyvinyl alcohol, coke, Calcium Iodate, sulfur powder, Sodium sulphate, Cobalt Sulfate thinner, coal tar and so on of chemical industry. We is a professional manufacture Feed additives with a yearly production capacity of 50000 tons. We have “Manufacturing License on Feed Additives” and “Registered Number of Approval on Feed Additives” awarded by National Ministry of Agriculture, namely as specification of NY42-87-NY46-87, HG2418-93; Registered Number of Approval of label license of 4521-015-4521-019. “WUXING” brand Feed Additives honor of purity, safety, convenience, stability...

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  • Tianyu Feed Additive Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1992, Cangzhou Tianyu Feed Additive Co., Ltd is the affiliated factory of Cangzhou Animal Husbandry Bureau originally. Tianyu specializes in production and marketing Feed additives and veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturing products. Now we can supply Choline Chloride over 20000 MT, Yeast Powder 5000MT, Allicin 5000MT, Betaine 3000MT, Bacillus subtilis, DDGS 2000MT yearly and so on. All the products are strictly under the supervision of ISO 9001:2000 alongwith its advanced equipment and modern control system, which have been sold very well domestically and overseas, especially Choline has exported to Europe, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and South America . The high quality and competitive price are highly appreciated by the customers. We are contributed in serving Feed...

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  • Cangzhou Dafeng Feed Additive Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, choline chlorides, betaines, ethoxy quinolines, yeast powders.

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  • Yantai Roseya Health Products Co., Ltd.

    YANTAI ROSEYA HEALTH PRODUCTS CO., LTD. locates in the APEC industrial area of the beautiful city –Yantai China. Yantai is one of Chinese open seaside cities with the several advantages of the superiority geography, the convenient information and traffic, the abundance energy sources and products. The main products of company are health foods, health appliance and health toiletry and plant extracts. The whole factory is designed and built according to the standard of ISO 14000, ISO9001 and the GMP, the requirement of international market and institution. Both hardware and software of the company are on the top level in China. The company have and will devote herself to the health of the human beings as the expert of the Dr. Health.

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  • Shanghai Lvyuan Fine Chemical Plant

    Shanghai Huating Chemicals Factory Co., Ltd. is a private fine-chemical enterprise specializes in the R&D and manufacture of Feed additives, analytical reagent, chemical pure, copper sulfate and copper salts. They are mainly used for API, pharmaceuticals, Feed, food, cosmetic, electro-plating, PCB, pesticide, second-generation auto airbags and wood preservation. With high technological content and outstanding quality, our products enjoy good reputation in China. Since founding in Dec 1989, we have made rapid progress. Most products (80%) are exported to the US and Germany. We have built business relationship with LANXESS, BASF, Wyeth (Pfizer), DuPont Agriculture & Chemical, GE, ROHM HAAS, HannStar Board, etc. Always focusing on quality,safety and environment, we take priority to the importance...

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  • Longcom Enterprise Limited

    Manufacturer of magic towels, sports towels, bath sponges, food additives, Feed additives, tyres, PVA cleaning articles, packing bags. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system.

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  • Beijing Sunpu Biochemical & Technology Limited Company

    Manufacturer of Feed Additive, cosmetic Additive, animal care, allantion, comprehensive test kits. The products have been exported to Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and other countries, etc. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 and GMP certification.

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  • Kaiyuan Hengtai Fine Chemicals Factory

    Manufacturer of Feed Additive, amino acids, alpha-ketoamino acids, vitamins, nutrition supplements, APIs. The products have been sold to Europe and American. It is HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001 and Kosher certified.

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  • Continent Biotech

    established in 2001, Continent Biotech possesses the most advanced liquid and solid-state fermentation equipments in the world and ascends into the leading large-scale biological preparation and manufacturing enterprises. Now the biological projects of Continent Biotech are mainly probiotics, complete enzymes, protein, bio-organic fertilizer, phytase, allicin and so forth. Taking technological innovation as the sources of her life, Continent has established a research and development team as well as service group, mainly composed of doctors, senior engineers and masters. Based on her core belief of “Technical Innovation, Ability Improvement, Value Creation”, the company carries out extensive technical cooperation with top experts from both China and aboard for realizing the continuous update...

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  • Kingstone Industrial Group Ltd.

    Kingstone Industrial Group Ltd was founded in 1994. After a decade development, from a tiny size factory, we have become a industrial material manufacturing group corporation that integrates advanced R&D and modernized manufacturing facilities. We have built four manufacturing plants including pigment plant, carbon plant, refractory plant and chemical plant, located in the east part of Hunan province mainland China. Our wide range of products include Feed additives, citric acid, sodium citrate, chrome oxide green, zinc chloride, zinc oxide, petroleum resin, phenolic resin, lithopone, titanium dioxide, electrolytic manganese dioxide, manganese sulphate, graphite electrodes, carbon cathode, glaze stain, solvent dyes, etc. Kingstone has formed the annual production capacity of 8000 MT pigment...

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  • Shanghai Zhaoxiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, herb extract, premix Feed.

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  • Singao Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, calcium butyrate, calcium formate, acid-su, cal-su.

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  • Shandong Sinder Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, products for particular kind animal, veterinary medicine bulk drugs, disinfectors, products for fowls, products for pigs, homemade vaccines, biological products for animal use, raw material drugs for animal uses.

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  • Zhongshan Bigger Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, multi-function biologic acidify milk powder replacement, acidified whey powder, high protein acidified milk powder replacement, high fat milk powder replacement. The products have passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality control certificate and HACCP food safe management certificate.

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  • Gremount International Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, herb extracts, chemicals, amino acids, miscellaneous.

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  • Hylen Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, Feed additives, pharmaceuticals, choline chlorides, garlicins.

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  • Hebei Smart Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, organic chemicals, intermediates, inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plant extracts.

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  • Nanjing Fano Bio-tech Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, pharmaceuticals, chemicals.

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  • Shanghai Ritan Trading Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, pharmaceuticals, embroidery insoles.

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  • Shanghai Zhibo Import & Export Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, raw materials, fishmeal, meat & bone meal, corn protein powders, DL-methionine, corn starches, modified starches.

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  • Beijing Enhalor Bio-technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed Additive, premix Feed, feed raw material, choline chloride, phytase. The peoducts are exported to Europe, Africa, Oceania, South America, Southeast Asia more than 20 countries and areas.

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  • Qingdao Kindshine Chemicals Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, blowing agents, choline chlorides, sodium tripolyphosphates, food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, other chemicals, natural sweeteners.

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  • Shandong Provincial Huayuan Economic And Trade Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, veterinary drugs, gelatins, chitosans, pharmaceutical intermediates, ferrous sulphates, magnesium sulphates, ceramic balls, activated carbons, EDTA, gelatins, vitamins, animal drugs, bone glues, calcium propionate and hydrolyzed animal proteins.

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  • Suzhou Sinosun Imp. & Exp. Corporation

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, food additives, pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, industrial chemicals, pesticides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, electronic chemicals, customs manufacturing, custom synthesis.

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  • Nanjing Qida International Trading Co., Ltd.

    Qida is a professional supplier of chemicals. Qida was founded in February 2006. Qida owns one professional team with more than 12 years experience in chemicals export. Qida has stable cooperation relationship with many esteemed companies in China and foreign countries. For many years, we have been following the philosophy of “Integrity, Professional, and Service”, and dedicating to provide an integration solution for our partners. Through cooperation with us, we wish you could enjoy an easy, profitable and pleasant business.

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  • Shanghai Richem International Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, API & intermediates, plant (herbal) extracts, food additives, veterinary pharmaceutical & agriculture chemicals, amino acids & vitamins, pigments, colorants for paints, inks & plastics. 

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  • Triton Chemtech Co., Ltd.

    Triton ChemTech was formed in January of 2003 with the coming together of chemical engineers and marketing experts with strong desire to apply their technical skills to productive industrial activity. Up till now, Triton has become the leading supplier of alkene polymerization inhibitor and retarder, organic intermediates like compounds containing thiazole, thiophene ring and flavors. We are a famous supplier of sulfurol and has been the largest sulfurol exporter in China for 5 years. To satisfy the various requirements, Triton ChemTech is supplying with a wide selection of products for different manufacturing process. Besides the products, Triton ChemTech can help customer find the solution of polymer problem during the manufacturing. For more products or informations, please contact us.

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  • Chongqing Chuandong Chemical (Group) Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Feed additives, industrial phosphors, industrial phosphoric acids, industrial phosphates (sodium dihydrogen phosphates, disodium trisodium phosphates, sodium phosphate tribasics, sodium tripolyhosphates, calgons), sodium formates, formic acids, phosphorizing liquids, water treatment agents, phosphorus trichlorides, phosphorus oxychlorides, phosphorous acids, hydrochloric acids, medical intermediates (naphthol methyl ether, acetonaphthones ), medical products (thioridazine), fenvalerates and various chemical reagents.

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