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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
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    PACIFIC EAGLE Enterprise Co., Ltd, is one of the Hunting Neoprene and Knee Supports Products Manufacturers. we are experts in OEM/ODM projects that meet every customer's particular marketing requirements. We have the fullest confidence and ability to make exactly what you need. Our R&D ability, production capacity and warranty service will fully accommodate your requests. And you would be surprised at the fact that we are always loaded with innovative and artistic ideas in these products. Our customers are spread all over the world, and we have earned great reputation and honor from them. Contact us right now! We are your best choice.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    TOP LONGMAX has been in this business of Knee Supports for more than 25 years. In order to keep up with market trends and meet customers' demands, we create new products constantly, hope to provide the most comfortable and fit in with humanity equipment. Our Knee Supports are ideal for postoperative immobilization and range of motion needed after ACL, MCL, LCL and PCL etc. Strict quality control, timely delivery and competitive price allow us to provide products to stringent markets worldwide. We are confident that we have plentiful technique and experience to match with you requires. Please contact us for further information. Here are our HOT Neoprene Knee Support, ROM Knee Support, Straight Knee Immobilizer, 25 Degree Knee Immobilizer and Breathable Knee Support.

Products Catalog

  • Open-patella Knee Supports
    Open-Patella Knee Support- Neoprene with nylon lining contour. Donut-buttress pad with patellar opening.
  • Bamboo Knee Braces
    This therapeutic bamboo Knee brace is specially knitted by the bamboo yarn which is developed allowing bamboo fiber by a range of technologies. Bamboo fiber contains outstanding FIR power which can assist the blood circulation and metabolism. Able to keep warm, soft like the pure cotton and also eco-friendly are the key features of using bamboo yarn. According to the report, its super adsorbability can adsorb the water molecules and the bad bacteria among the air to achieve the objectives of perspiration management and deodorization. 1. FIR power to relieve the pains, improve blood circulation and metabolism. 2. Eco-friendly. 3. Deodorization.
  • Knee Splints & Braces
    Knee splints and braces: 1. Soft foam material. 2. Strong durable Aluminum hinge + ROM with flexion and extension stop setting. 3. Velcro closure for stability. 4. Maximum immobilization for post-operative patients.
  • Knee Pad Supports
    To protect and pervent injury to knees when doing woodwork, decorating or gardening.
  • Uni Piece Knee Braces
    Compression support strap brings relief for repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel and arthritis. Lightweight and comfortable, self-fastening closures adjusts to fit any size of wrist.
  • Knee Pad Supports
    To protect and pervent injury to knees when doing woodwork, decorating or gardening.
  • Tri-panel Knee Splints
    3 independent aluminum panels. Posterior rigid stay restricts flexion of Knee. Velcro straps for stability. Ideal to immobilize immediate post-operative Knee joint or injury.
  • Rom Knee Support
    1. Made by neoprene with nylon lining. 2. Polycentric Knee joint with flection and extension. 3. Pin stops for controlled range of motion, increases stability, provides support and protection.
  • Basic Knee Supports
    Constructed of stretchable neoprene fabric, this comfortable and elastic Knee brace provides the support to the Knee area while the exercising. The design of the circle soft pad also can assist the steadiness of patella.
  • Hinged Knee Stabilizers
    Hinged Knee Stabilizer- Aluminum hinge with flexion and extension. Neoprene with nylon lining contour. Pin stop system with covered "clip lock".
  • Tri-straps Knee Braces
    This professional design Knee support features three straps to stabilize the Knee area and make the Knee brace better fit to the skin, especially ideal for mounting-climbing or other sports activities. The built-in patella stabilizer ring also helps reduce patella movement to ensure proper and efficient motion of the Knee. The adjustable Velcro straps provide customized compression and support.
  • Springs Knee Braces
    This active support with lateral spring sidebars enable to provide the stabilization and resilience of the Knee. The design of the circle soft pad also can assist the steadiness of patella. The adjustable velcro strap provides customized tightness and support.

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