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    Kao-Yu Biotech Co., Ltd. unceasingly concentrates on professional knowledge improvement and traditional production equipment upgrade in recent years. In order to promote the quality, we're responsible to create outstanding quality beauty health products, such as functional beverages, capsules, Skin Care, etc. We have received fully support and excellent credits from our customers because of unceasingly providing the best quality and service, the most competitive price and the latest technology. We not only keep the existing standard quality diligently, also devote to study on biotechnology with a crew of doctors, pharmacists, nutritionist and beauty-therapist. Let us make product research and development, manufacture, OEM, overall product series packing and design for you.

Products Catalog

  • Cosmetics ( Body Whitening Tonics )
    It properly normalizes Skin keratinization, damps Skin and retains water and activates cell metabolism. Mulberry extract and birch extract can lighten melanin, and whiten/soften Skin when coping with body resilience lotion.
  • Body Shaping Gels (Cosmetics)
    It contains a variety of amino acids, bladder wrack extract and IVY extract, which eliminate and prevent orange tissue, accelerate fat burning, prevent subcutaneous fat from forming, improve blood circulation, exclude surplus water and toxicant inside the body, and make body shape slim and fit.
  • De Pas Aloe Extraction Facial Night Jellies
    Application: This is the final step in your night routine. Apply the jelly (about the size of 2 pearls) to your face and gently massage in with your finger tips in circular movement. Have a nice sleep and you will feel the tenderness and smoothness when you wake up next morning.
  • Rose Creams
    High-efficient whiteness and maintain set: reveal with E series EW gentle white quintessence, and D3-H moisture toner; it is particularly good for whiteness.
  • Rose Flower Facial Night Jellies Ex
    Skin: All Skin types especially for dehydrated, dry, and dull Skin. Directions: Final step of the nighttime facial treatment, apply small amount of night jelly EX (approximately two pearls size) in circular motion on Skin. With full rest of the Skin; feel hydrate, moisturize, and softness of the Skin on the next morning. No need to rinse with fresh water. Frequency depends on the Skin condition.
  • Magic Hair Lock Water Carefree Creams
    1. Repair and preserve moisture immediately. 2. Increase the brightness of hair. 3. No weight . 4. Smooth and easy to comb and arrange . 5. Prevent hair heat damage.

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