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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    We are the professional manufactory in producing, marketing and related service of Conveyor Belt, metal machines- high speed expanded metal machines, chain link fence machine, C type perforated metal machinery, bared wire equipments, brickwork reinforcing mesh machines, razor barbed tape line, hexagonal wire netting equipments, angle Bead & Plaster stop Bead line, plano type perforated metal machines, automatic chain link fencing machinery, gabion mesh machines, hy rib mesh producing lines.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Shang Kai Steel Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing high quality expanded metals & expanded metal building products for both industrial and structural applications. Our company believe in the virtue of "honesty and sincerity" and we try our best to meet the requirements of all our customers at all times. Our company’s main products include Plaster Bead, high ribbed formworks, fir protection plastering expanded metal lathes, metal ribbed lathes, metal angle beads, and etc. The custom designs and OEM/ODM are welcome. We employ the most advanced machineries and technologies to raise the quality of our products. We devote most of our attention to new products development, product quality control, and after-sales services in order to tender our best service quality to our customers.

Products Catalog

  • Angle Bead & Plastering Stop Beads
    1. Product name: angle Bead & plastering stop beads. 2. Model No.: APM1025. 3. Max output: 520 strokes/min.
  • Metal Angle Beads
    1. Angle beads are particularly suitable for using in forming straight edges and exterior corners when plastering for arises and columns. They're widely regarded as indispensable to plastering operation. Using appropriate angle beads eliminate the need for fixing and removing timber battens, thus increase efficiency and quality for plastered columns & beams. 2. Generic name: metal angle beads for Plaster. 3. Metal angle Bead, forming a true straight arris that will not easily crack, provides a function to replace timber battens on plastering operations. The expanded metal wings ensure that the Bead is securely anchored in the correct depth of Plaster on either side of the arris. It protects and reinforces Plaster for wall beams & corners where are the most vulnerable to chip crack.
  • Steel Metal Plaster Stop Beads
    Features and uses: Plaster stop Bead is a straight Bead with L-flange casing at one side and expanded metal lath at the other. It provides mason an ideal line for carrying out Plaster coating. To apply stop Bead on Plaster coating at joint of plastered roof slabs and walls not only prevent cracks rising from the shifting of structure or thermal affection, also accomplish artistic finishing. To apply stop Bead at the abutment of doorframe can ensure its smoth opening. It is particularly suitable for using to stop Plaster slurry dripping on application of Plaster finishing at the abutment of door, window and wall jointing. Plaster stop Bead can replace most functions of wooden cover, casting module and other wooden materials. Building a clear and neat window on ceiling, Plaster stop Bead makes...

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