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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Tong Eann Shutters Co., Ltd. (TESC) was founded as a specialist of Roll Up Door Motor. Since our establishment in 1977, we has been specialized in the develop, research and production of a variety of motors for Roller Door. Accumulated more than three decades of experience, we have patents in many countries, such as USA, Taiwan, Germany and so on. Because of our products have passed TUV, CE certificates and ISO 9001:2000 quality certifiution, we have obtained high recognition and great reputation from customers all over the world. As a specialized manufacturer of Roller Door Motors, we are fully equipped with automatic production lines and state-of-the-art technologies. Welcome to order different voltages of rolling Door motors & operators.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Dasheng Shutters Industrial have designed and manufactured a series of high quality rolling Door motors for over 15 years. With our strong R&D capabilities and strict product quality control, our products have been well received and have been gaining popularity both at home and abroad. Our products passed numerous insulation tests in heat, sound and wind, which meet the recent trend of energy saving. Our good reputation in innovation and quality has brought in numerous exporting business and inland trade. If you have any interest in our Roller Door Motor or other products, please browse our website for further imformation or contact us immediately.

Products Catalog

  • Door Rolling Machines ( Rolling Door Motors)
    TC-1000 1 HP Roller Door Motor- 1. Output: 0.75KW. 2. Power available: (1) 1Ø 220V. (2) 3Ø 220V. (3) 3Ø 380V.
  • Rolling Door Motors
    1. Product: Rolling Door Motor-300KGS 2. Applicative range: General electric rolling doors 3. Overheating protective device Built-in precision heat detector prevents motorfrom over-heating during the rolling operation in case of a malfunction as itautomatically cuts off at 100 degree and stops the Motor from running idle.Operation resumes when temperature drops to 70 degree, great feature thatprevents damage to Door or impact to the Motor. 4. Anti crinkle protective device Selective feature that weighs down the doorwithout using electric power during closing motion; no crinkling or recoilingwhen jammed object to protect the Door. 5. Emergency manual stop Easy, light operation that employs weighing downor up chain-pulling in case of power outage. 6. Operating safety protective device A...
  • Door Rolling Machines ( Rolling Door Motors)
    Motor for Roller Door: 1. TCA-400 1/4 HP. 2. Power available: (1) 1Ø 110V. (2) 1Ø 220V.
  • Roller Door Motors ( Side Motors)
    Characteristics of rolling Door motors & operators: 1. Side Motor (like DS-30) has lifting capacity from 300kgs to 3000kgs, also with manual and electric operation. With other accessories to form into fire-proof shutters. 2. With barrier detector devices to stop automatically in contact with obstacles for security. 3. Besides, accessories for rolling shutters are also available.
  • Door Rolling Machines ( Rolling Door Motors)
    1. TC-60 1/2HP main Door equipment. 2. Output:0.37KW. 3. Power available: (1) 1 Ø 110V. (2) 1 Ø 220V. (3) 3 Ø 220V. (4) 3 Ø 380V.
  • Door Rolling Machines ( Rolling Door Motors)
    Electric rolling Door motors- 1. TCA-300 1/5 HP. 2. Output: 0.15 KW. 3. Power available: (1) 1Ø 110V. (2) 1Ø 220V.

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