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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Chin Kun Bamboo Flooring Manufacturer and Supplier was established in 1956, for the manufacture and development of complete lines of Bamboo working machinery. Since then, Chin Kun has been recognized as a worldwide leader and innovator in the field of Bamboo processing for a wide variety of items. After lamination, the boards are then brought to our export center for molding, finishing and packing. The unique structure of our company means that we are able to provide our customer with better quality and faster shipping times. We invest every step to manufacturing with intensive quality control, Chin Kun Bamboo Flooring Manufacturers is an ISO9002 certified company. For your better understanding of our company, please pay a visit on this website.

Standard Suppliers

  • Fuzhou Huahong Wood Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Fujian Huahong Bamboo&Wood Industrial Co., Ltd. is the largest Bamboo and wood processing enterprise in Fujian province. With factories in Fuzhou and Luoyuanwan, the company produces Bamboo Flooring, wood Flooring and Bamboo and wood composite Flooring in many designs colors and finishes. The company also produces Bamboo cutting boards, wood cutting boards, woodcrafts and Bamboo crafts in various designs and colors. All of the company’s products are export quality and are currently being sold in the markets of Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Huahong products are acknowledged as the best Bamboo and wood products produced in Fujian province. The company’s new Flooring plant in Luoyuanwan is a state of the arts facility equipped with the latest and best Bamboo and wood processing equipment....

    Profile : wood mouldings

  • Anhui Jilian Enterprise Co, Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bamboo contractor floorings, Bamboo floorings, Bamboo boards, fasteners, hardware, clothing, furniture of wood, Bamboo or rattan, steel furniture, floor-tile of Bamboo or wood, furniture fittings, tea and non-tea beverage, edible fungus, handicrafts, decorative materials for building, stationery and office facilities.

    Profile : bamboo contractor floorings

  • Anhui Yongguo Bamboo Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bamboo contractor floorings, Bamboo floorings, horizontal Bamboo floorings, vertical Bamboo floorings, Bamboo Flooring accessories, Bamboo items, Bamboo furniture.

    Profile : bamboo contractor floorings

  • Changzhou Senfond Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bamboo contractor floorings, Bamboo floorings, solid Bamboo floorings, moulding and vents, floorings, strand woven Bamboo floorings, distessed floorings, stained Bamboo floorings, engineered Bamboo floorings.

    Profile : bamboo contractor floorings

  • Fuzhou Floors China Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Bamboo contractor floorings, Bamboo floorings, signature Bamboo floorings, crafted Bamboo floorings, amazon Bamboo floorings, Sahara Bamboo floorings, Bamboo accessories, skip-swans, oak floorings, red birches, exotic wood floorings.

    Profile : bamboo contractor floorings

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