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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Taiwan Dorency Co., Ltd founded in 2006, specialize in develops deoxidizer technological with Japan Dorency Company since 2000. Our products categories include specialty chemicals, frozen food Oxygen absorbers, Oxygen Absorbent, Oxygen Absorbent. By integrated in variety applications into diversity of product packaging fields for electronics, hardware, shoes, leathers, mechanic, foods, medicines, agricultural seeds preserve. Scope of 2003, got ISO 9001 approval as the promote quality management and customer satisfaction. Recently, focus on precise electronic dust free packaging to comply with the rapid and increasing growth of high technology era. We hope each of our customers can comfortably use our products. We sincerely invite you to joint us.

Standard Suppliers

  • Shanghai Yueji Daily Desiccant Factory.

    Manufacturer of silica gel desiccants, Oxygen absorbers, Oxygen absorbents, desiccative Oxygen absorbents, releasable Oxygen absorbents, oxygenated antioxidants, CaO desiccants, active mineral desiccants, moth- proof and mold-proof desiccants, silica-gel cat litters (silica sand).

    Profile : silica gel desiccants

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