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  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    FIBERSIL is a leading manufacturer of textile & leather chemical, Silicone Antifoam, Silicone Antifoam, anti-flaming Ag., all kinds of textile Silicone & chemicals for dyeing, fishing, preparing, spinning, & additive agents… As understanding the importance of the specified chemical auxiliaries to the industry’s production processing procedure, our professional knowledge and efficient factory facilities always can provide the best service to our customers. FIBERSIL is the most reliable manufacturer and cost-efficient Silicone agents & chemicals for your textile products or other products and can provide you the most superior products as well as competitive prices. You can understand our company products from our website. If there’s anything un-clear or more details, please also feel free to...
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Our company is doing prototype making process and Silicone and rubber making, cooperating with over 100 famous enterprises. After continuous efforts, we can produce a wide range of Silicone and rubber products, such as Silicone Antifoam, Silicone wiring fitting, Silicone bra, Silicone bracelets, Silicone gloves as well as rubber component parts for airtight seals, shock absorbers, key-presses, motorcycles, home appliance, electronic toys and medical equipment. In addition to component parts, we also developed a new line of Silicone bras that has been an immediate success with clients both at home and abroad. We are also producing semiconductor cooling/warming seat cushion and bed mattress product series mould making series etc..

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