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    Epolab Chemical Industries Incorporation is one of a taiwan manufacturer of Industrial Adhesive. From many years of company history and rich production experiences, We are willing to make our business relationship happen on the beneficial basis of both parties. The complete testing and communicating process are in order to assure our customers with high quality Industrial Adhesives products, reliable delivery, and satisfied after-sales service. By doing so, we have already enjoyed a long-lasting reputation in the market. Welcome to inquire us for more information! Our products are welcome by customers throughout the world because of our exquisite workmanship and excellent material. We await your prompt response.
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    Jasdi Magnet is a leading source of flexible magnet materials with a successful 20 years manufacturing history. Jasdi's dedication to magnetic manufacturing has led to innovative and unique new products beyond magnetically backed vinyl that include inkjet, self-Adhesive, Industrial Adhesive, and plain paper covered magnetic sheeting, uncovered magnetic sheeting and non-magnetic FlexMetal sheeting. Jasdi products are sold worldwide across 5 continents. We value long-term relationships with our customers. We offer flexibility, customization and insight into new applications and products to satisfy customers' needs. Our innovative team strives to serve our valuable customers with constantly improved products and superior service. We are honored to receive you requests.

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    plastic materials & films- art design materials pearl boards ( PS), playbill backs, colors foam boards, hips film boards, foam paper sticks, foam papers. Industrial packaging materials, Industrial packaging material, plastic packagings, special packaging, plastic packaging, packing material, packing materials, food packaging material, vacuum packaging, plastic adhesives, composite materials, packages,

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  • Special Industrial Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
    EVOBOND Special Industry Series cyanoacrylate are special for industry application, including high performance surface insensitive and rubber toughness.
  • OPP Adhesive Glue ( Dry Laminated Method)
    The OPP glue, that is designed as an Adhesive for adhering BOPP, PET,PVC film on printed paper or printed cardboard, it eliminates most remainder or powder from offset ink and makes the paper or cardboard exhibit excellent transparency, gloss and smoothness; and the paper can still retain its high stability under the extreme applied temperatures.
  • Anaerobic Adhesives
    1. EVOLOC high performance anaerobic Adhesive is a single component Adhesive and cures in the absence of air. EVOLOC anaerobic Adhesive also cures to form a rigid and durable film to prevent loosening out of vibration and leakage out of corrosion. The main features of EVOLOC anaerobic adhesives are thread locking, sealing and retaining the metal parts. 2. Thread locking series: (1) AA242: it is medium strength and thixotropic viscosity. The product is color code blue. Applications are locking screws and bolts; prevent corrosion and leakage. It is easy to disassemble. (2) AA243: it is medium strength and thixotropic viscosity. The product is color code blue. It is good resistance to fuel environment, prevent corrosion and leakage and easy to disassemble. (3) AA262: it is high strength and...
  • High Performance Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
    EVOBOND high performance series cyanoacrylate adhesives are instant bonding, single component adhesives, that bond almost all close- fitting smooth surface in seconds. It requires no mixing, no heating, no clamping. These adhesives contain no solvent, have low toxicity, mild odor and non-flammable.
  • Industrial Adhesives
    All 20g PE bottle simple 20g PE bottle packing for industry.
  • Epoxy & Putty Stick Adhesives
    Cures and joins things together by a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener. It offers good bonding strength and will harden in approx. It is versatile, shock resistant and tolerant to most fuels and olvents. Ideal application includes repair of wide range materials including metals, wood, concrete, ceramic and etc. It can cure to a tough, steel-filled materials that can be drilled, tapped and sanded.
  • Adhesive For Plastic A-PET
    1. Introduction NR-49 / BR-35 is an Adhesive especially developed for plastic A-PET. 2. Character Do keep the cleanness of transparent sheet in applying NR-49 / BR-35 (do not with grease and silicon), just apply proper dose of that with nozzle or noninductive brush for conjointing, not need heating situation. 3. Application NR-49 / BR-35 is applicable for a general adhesion by handwork, transparent round cover adhesion, wrapping box adhesion.

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