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    (1) health food manufacturing- calcium, garlic essence, collagen, wheat seedling powder, propolis, oatmeal, milk powder. (2) beauty maintenance- facial cleanser, enzyme facial Gel cleanser, aloe Gel. (3) daily goods- shoe pads, functional socks, antiseptic briefs, massage knee pad, magic gloves, massage belt. (4) health information.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Tsung Hau Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in research and producing Gel Socks. In the past 20 years, we have gained plentiful experience in socks field of product designing, developing, producing management and quality control. We can also produce specific Gel Socks which are designated by our customers. Our professional design and fashionable products of healthy socks will make our customers be satisfied with the quality of our products. Welcome to our product page of Gel Socks, in which you can find detailed information of spa Gel socks, heel pressure reduced sporting Gel socks, heel moisturized Gel socks, front thenar pressure-reduced Gel socks. If you have any further product inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Paifu industrial Co., Ltd founded in 1980, is professional in neoprene products innovation and manufacture, product assortment is various that involves in sport protections, Gel Sock, medical protections, fitness and beauty products, sport garments and relevant neoprene products. With nearly 20 years of industrial techniques and experience, Paifu has established an unshakable trust and the image of high quality within the industry. Until now, the products Paifu produced have been successfully marketed and sold in over 30 countries worldwide, the quality also be recognized and favored by lots of international sport and medical protections brands. We believe our professional techniques and prime quality enable to provide the better services and values to our customers.

Products Catalog

  • Gel Socks
    1. Features: (1) Superior mecerized cotton and USA DuPont lycra 260 DEN (2) Anti-shock Heel-softening Gel Socks (3) Reduce pressure of spine - Improve waist ache (4) Improve heel cracks - Moisturizing sole (5) Avoid athletic injury- No pressure and easy walking (6) Male Target Users 2. For: (1) People who stand for a long time (2) People who suffer varix (3) Office workers who wear high-wheel shoes (4) People who suffer heel cracks a. JG-112 heel pressure-reduced invisible socks. b. JG-118 240 Den feet-protected & shock-reduced healthy knee socks. c. JG-184 heel moisturized Gel socks. d. N-115 anti-bacterium socks for athlete’s foot. e. N-116 heel pressure-reduced sporting Gel socks. f. JG-117 front tenor pressure-reduced Gel socks. g. JG-359 360DEN shank-pressurized...
  • Heel Moisturized Gel Socks
    1. Gel Sock feature: (foot health care) (1) Gel socks help reduce the pressure of feet to prevent the ache of waist, knee and cervical vertebra. (2) Gel socks help reduce the pressure of body and improve the health of feet. (3) The bio-Gel helps moisturize feet and help prevent the cracked heels. (4) Gel socks help prevent the injury of heel and reduce the pressure of feet when people walks. (5) Healthy socks, Gel socks, medical socks, moisturized socks. 6. Daily attack cracks Gel socks. 2. For: (1) People who stand for long time (2) People who have heel carcks. (3) People who have wound on the foot need to moisturize and anti-bacterium. (4) Foot Daily Care.
  • SPA Gel Socks
    Feature of Gel skin care: Our unique concept of SPA skin care products helps reduce moisture Feature of Gel Sock: Our unique concept of SPA skin care products helps reduce moisture loss after drawing and absorbing moisture from the air. 1. Gel socks imporve the problem for dry and rough feet. Using Gel socks for long time can hellp improve intensive heel cracks. 2. Gel skin care product can ease your feet and cracks and smooth the wrinkles. 3. Gel socks can protect and massage your feet. 4. Wearing Gel heel socks can enjoy the feeling of SPA. 5. Gel socks are designed to moisturize dry cracked skin on the heels. 6. Wearing Gel socks after applying the lotions or cracked ointment will feel remarkable results. (To enhance the absorption of lotion.) 7. SPA Gel socks, skin-care products....
  • Heel Pressure Reduced Sporting Gel Socks
    1. Gel Sock feature: (foot heath care) (1) The soft Gel lined in the heel part can absorb shocks and reduce pressure. (2) Gel socks help reduce the pressure of body and the ache of shoulder. (3) Gel socks help prevent the sports injury and reduce the pressure of the cervical vertebra. (4) Gel socks help prevent and improve the heel cracks. (5) Heel pressure reduced sporting Gel socks, healthy socks, Gel socks, moisturized socks. 6. Gel socks help prevent blister caused. 2. For: (1) People who stand for a long period. (2) People would like to recover of sports injury. (3) People who have heel cracks. (4) Athlete & mountain climber would like to reduce the foot fatigue. (5) People who would like to care of foot wound.
  • Front Thenar Pressure Reduced Gel Socks
    Feature of Gel Sock designed for high heels: Foot health care 1. Gel socks with the soft Gel lined at the front thenar can be anti-shocks and help reduce pressure. 2. Gel socks help reduce the pressure of body and the ache of shoulder. 3. Gel socks help prevent the injury of thenar, even prevent foot blistered. 4. Gel socks help reduce the pressure of the cervical vertebra. 4. Gel socks help reduce foot fatigue and pressure when people walks. 5. Front thenar pressure reduced Gel socks, healthy socks, Gel socks.
  • Gel-Coated Moisturizing Socks
    Unique know-how of Gel is lined with Socks and Gloves moisturizes skin and leaves it soft and smooth all day long. Our Spa skin care collection is ideal for normal or dry skin, unique concepts for preventing moisture loss while wearing the SPA Gel socks and gloves in order to absorb quickly and instantly soothes and conditions skin for a lovely, silky feel, most important is convenient for users. Are you having trouble with peel-off feet? Here comes our Gel-coated moisturizing socks!Gel socks contains mineral oil which moisturize skin remarkably! Feature: Gel-Coated Moisturizing Socks. (1) In a highly concentrated, moisturizing and emollient base leaves foot feeling soft and skin much suppler. (2) Actively to help repair rough and dry skin though a nourishing combination of moisturizing,...
  • TPR Gel SPA Glove And Sock Series
    Very honored to introduce Tsung Hau Technology Co. from Taiwan to you. We are a manufacture of healthy products. We have the exclusive know-how of combining textile with TPR-Gel. Only we can create such products. TPR Gel contains Mineral oil which can moisturize skin to prevent and repair cracked skin. Features: TPR Gel SPA Glove And Sock Series 1.It can reduce the pressure and take care of your skin. 2.Night care at home for improving the health of feet. 3.The bio-Gel can moisturize feet to prevent the heel cracks. (1) JG-119 night care of moisture heel Sock. (2) JG-185 SPA Gel socks. (3) JG-187 SPA moisture Gel glove. (4) JG-220 Gel arm protector for white & tender. (5) JG-221 Gel arm protector for white & tender. 4. TPR-Gel SPA glove & Sock series, SPA products, skin-care...

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