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    Established in 1990, Tekfun Co., Ltd. is specialized in the export and manufacture of various Modem. Taking advantage of our own professional antenna chamber, high frequency network analyzer equipment, rich experienced R&D and well trained production, we win great reputation from the world wide customers. Nowadays, we design more Modem to meet the market demand. Our products are widely used in GSM/CDMA/TDMA, telecom, wireless Lan, GPS and DVBT devices, etc. Your best Modem solution partner is Tekfun. Our strict QC procedure, rapid shipment service and lowest cost structure can always support your projects to be successful. We welcome any custom-made specification. Please contact us any time for your OEM/ODM projects.

Standard Suppliers

  • Hanrun Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1999, we are a reliable and ISO9001 certified manufacture specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of various transformer, filter, inductor and other magnetic components used for networking, telecommunication, power supplies and inverter. We offer a wide selection of RJ45 connector, ethernet Modem power inductors, powerline networking transtormers etc. Any need or enquiry, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will offer you the highest standard of service, stable quality products and cost effective solutions.

    Profile : RJ45 connector - RJ45 connector - RJ45 connector - RJ45 connector

  • Lite-On Technology Corp.

    Manufacturer of intel cpu, amd cpu, PC Bare Bones/System, PC motherboard, power supply, PC enclosure, monitor, optical storage device, keyboard, mouse, scanner, MFP, printer, digital projector, PDA, MP3 player, digital camera, tablet PC, mobile handset, Modem, ADSL Modem, ethernet, wwitch, Hub, wireless network, bluetooth, TV tuner.

    Profile : intel cpu

  • US ( HK) Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of MMC memory card, SD card,mini sd card, mouse and motherboard, graphic game card, network card, Modem and other computer peripherals in shenzhen China. The company is founded in 1999 and its products are well sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, Middle East and America, highly praised by its clients.

    Profile : MMC memory card

  • TP-Link Technology Co., Ltd.

    TP-LINK is a global provider of SOHO networking products and No.1 market share holder in China. Committed to powerful R&D, effective production and strict quality management, we continue to provide award-winning networking products in wireless LAN ( WLAN), ADSL, wireless access point, routers, managed gigabit switch, remote smart switches, unmanaged network switches, media converters, 56K Modem, ADSL2 + powerline routers and network adapters for global end-users. TP-LINK's integrated Independent R&D, and manufacturing is the fundamental base on which our success is built, consisting of a mesh of the best equipment, people and production management techniques. We have more than 260 experienced software and hardware R&D engineers and a well-equipped laboratory, complimented by partnerships with...

    Profile : ADSL2+Powerline Routers

  • Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ADSL2+poweline router, ADSL2+poweline routers, ADSL/ADSL2+, VDSL, wireless ADSL/ ADSL2+ modems, PLC adaptor, PON (ONU/ ONT), and home gateway. It got ISO9002 quality management system certification in 1998, ISO9001:2000 certification in 2002 and ISO14000 environment certification in 2005.

    Profile : ADSL2+Powerline Router

  • ZyXEL Communications Corp.

    Manufacturer of VDSL switch, IP DSLAM, DSL CPE, VDSL2 Modem, ethernet switch and adapter, broadband router, cable Modem.
  • D-Link Corporation

    Manufacturer of cable Modem, home networking, office LAN, wireless networking, network adapters, wireless media players.
  • TAINET Communication System Corp.

    Manufacturer of video conference, router and multiplexer, ITU Modem, networking devices, VOIP gateway.
  • Beijing Gpthink Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ethernet converter, ethernet converters, netsystems, ADSL modems, isdn, embedded TTL modems, embedded RS232 modems, synchronization modems, leased line/dial-up modems, GPRS modems, rack modems, optical ethernet adapters 1000M, optical ethernet adapters 100M, CWDM, fiber medias, voice gateways. It has passed ISO9001 certification.

    Profile : Ethernet Converters

  • Newbridge Network Communcation Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of ethernet converter, ethernet converters, fiber optical patch cord, SFP media converters, managed media converers, POE media converters, video and data optical transmitters/ receivers, PDH fiber multiplexers, fibe modems, protocol conveters, fiber optical transmission equipments, access equipments, data communication equipments, data terminal equipments, interface converters.

    Profile : Ethernet Converters - Ethernet Converters

  • Chengdu Neton Optoelectronic Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 2002,Chengdu Neton Opto-electronic Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in China, specializing in research and manufacture of optical module, as well as the fiber communication equipments. Products include: 1. Media Converters. 2. Transceiver- SFP Transceiver Module, SFP Bi-Di Transceiver Module SC/LC, 2x5 BiDi SFF Transceiver Module, CWDM Transceiver Module. 3. Photoelectric Product- InGaAs PIN PD Moduls, Laser Diode Module. Neton owns the standard factory with 1,350 square meters, and the high-quality antistatic and dust-proof plant exceed 800 square meters. It has the first class production , testing and working environments. A group of creative and enthusiastic staffs work together. We have built reliable partnership with our customers both at home...

    Profile : ethernet converters

  • Alpha Networks Inc.

    Manufacturer of wireless broadband routers, digital home networking, Ethernet Modem, IP cameras, VoIP terminal adapters.
  • Shanghai Baudcom Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of fiber media converters, E1/Ethernet converters, fiber optical multiplexers, Fiber Modem series. Our products has exported to more than 10 countries, such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador, Libya, Malaysia,Philipine and other countries.

    Profile : Optical Mount

  • Pacific Image Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The company's products including film scanner, slide scanner, optical scanner, printers and modems.
  • Shenzhen Kexian Technology Co., Ltd.

    Shenzhen Kexian Technology Co., Ltd. is a computer technology company, Kexian devoting our efforts on R&D, marketing and manufacturing of Modem, sound card, TV card, bluetooth, webcam and so on. We are esteem and develop the mutual benefit between each other. We have confidence that we can offer our world wide customers with the highest product, the timely delivery!

    Profile : wifi voips

  • Star-net Communication Co., Ltd.

    Star-net Communication Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of network and communication products in China. With expanding world-wide footprint, the company become the fastest growing mesh vendors in the global market.

    Profile : WIFI VoIPs

Products Catalog

  • 56K RS232 Fax Modems
    1. Plug and play compatible for easy installation and configuration. 2. Data transfer rate up to 56 Kbps download and up to 48 Kbps upload. 3. V.92 and V.44 compatible. 4. Supports video conferencing. 5. Friendly GUI configuration and management software. 6. Supports fax function with transfer rate up to 14.4 Kbps. 7. Supports telephone answering machine (TAM) function and telephony services.
  • 56K RS232 Voice Data Fax Modems
    1. VD56SPS 56K Modem connects to PC via RS232 Cable. VD56SPS uses advanced Conexant chipset solution that provides complete system design featuring voice/data/fax Modem for 56K Internet access. VD56SPS offers easy installation and cost-effective connection for SOHO and residential users. 2. This product is made in ISO9001 approved factory. VD56SPS 56K RS232 Interfaced Modem complies with FCC and CE approvals.
  • 56k PCI Controllerless Modems
    1. PCI interface; agere solution. 2. V.92 protocol support; Downstream speed up to 56,000bps. 3. Controllerless-based design with complete set of industry standard features for DATA, FAX and TAM application. 4. Support Fax group 3; Class 1. 5. Support Wake-on- ring. 6. Flexible power management modes. 7. Low power consumption.
  • 1-Port Full-Rated Annex A/B/UR2 ADSL Routers
    ART18CXU full rate ADSL router is a full-featured ADSL router that provides Ethernet direct connections to individual PCs or local area network with 10/100 Base-T Ethernet. ART18CXU uses advanced ADSL chipset solution with complete set of industry standard features for high-speed Internet access. ART18CXU offers easy installation and cost-effective connection for SOHO and residential users. Also the feature-rich routing functions are seamlessly integrated to ADSL service for existing corporate or home users. This product is made in ISO9001 approved factory. ART18CXU ADSL router complies with FCC part15 regulations and CE approval.
  • C.Link Access Modems (Digital Equipments)
    ACI 710, c.LINK access Modem is the layer 2 Ethernet to coax bridge for access networks. It provides a high-speed bridge between standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet network and c.LINK enabled coaxial access network. As a client device in the coaxial access network, the MAM102 layer 2 ECB bridges the traffic between its Ethernet port and c.LINK enabled Network Controller (NC) device. The c.LINK access network is a point to multi-point topology, all client devices (layer 2 ECB) communicate to the Headend node (NC), where each of the headend node can manage up to 31 client devices.
  • Outdoor Cable Modems (Digital Equipments)
    OLM200 is an outdoor cable Modem and OLM210 is an outdoor cable Modem with SNMP monitoring agent card. It is an advanced cable network status monitoring system based on DOCSIS (and SNMP) standard technologies.
  • USB ADSL Modems
    1. Multiple-mode operation supported. 2. USB specifications v1.1 compliant for easy installation and configuration. 3. Bus powered design. Needs no additional power adapter. 4. Full rate operation with up to 8 Mbps downstream data rate and up to 1 Mbps upstream enables high-speed access to Internet Service Provider or corporate network. 5. Friendly GUI configuration and management software. 6. Supports ADSL always-on. 7. Firmware downloadable feature provides performance and feature enhancements in the future releases. 8. Enables end-to-end ATM support, which allows traffic management and QoS. 9. High-speed Internet access. 10. Video-on-demand. 11. Telecommuting. 12. Distance learning. 13. Work-at-home. 14. Remote workgroup networking. 15. E-commerce. 16. On-line...
  • Outdoor Cable Modems With SNMP Agent
    OLM200 is an outdoor cable Modem and OLM210 is an outdoor cable Modem with SNMP monitoring agent card. It is an advanced cable network status monitoring system based on DOCSIS (and SNMP) standard technologies.
  • 56K PCI Data/Fax Software Modems
    HPI56L5 56K Modem connects to the PC through PCI slot in the PC. HPI56L5 uses advanced chipset solution provides complete system design featuring Data/Fax/TAM Modem for 56K dial-up Internet access. This Modem also offers easy installation and cost-effective connection for residential users. This product is made in ISO9001 approved factory. HPI56L5 PCI interface 56K Modem complies with FCC part15 regulations and CE approval.
  • Docsis/Euro-docsis Cable Modems (Digital Equipments)
    1. Always on, always connected and always ready to go. 2. Use for existing RG58 cable/no telephone line needed. 3. Capable of downloading up to 100 times faster than traditional 28.8k analog phone modems. 4. Downloads extreme mega-files in seconds. 5. Convenient for real-time online gaming and console online access. 6. Ethernet connectivity for easy installation. 7. DOCSIS/EURO-DOCSIS 1.1 and DOCSIS/EURO-DOCSIS 2.0 compliant. 8. Front-panel LEDs to indicate status. 9. User-friendly online diagnostics page. 10. Supports standard Internet software.

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