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    Prochase Company established in 1992, major at various kinds of multi-functional engineering plastics materials such as, Protective Film, polymer plastic, extruded plastics, and so on. In order to match the request of customers cost down in many industries such as electronic, electric, lighting, communication, playing station, camera, autos, OA on. We purchase raw materials and many kinds of additives, modifiers to compound LCP, PPS, PA46, PA6T, PA9T, PA66, PC, Conductive materials, SEBS, non halogen flame retardant of TPU, plastics with glass fiber, teflon, silicon anti static, UV additives, high temperature and high functional engineering plastics and elastomers serving for the global. Welcome to visit our website for more details. We are honored to receive you requests.

Products Catalog

  • Universal DIY Screen Protectors
    Universal DIY screen protector for all devices with stylus (royal quality). Features: 1. Protect all touch screen devices with stylus. 2. Royal quality: (material from Japan) 3. Anti-Scratch, high transparent, easy use, washable & reusable 4. Best compatible for all devices with stylus: such as PDA, GPS, smart phone, game player, electronic translator ¡Ketc. 5. 3 Layers design: (1) Top Film with guidelines printing; middle Film is screen protector. (2) Bottom Film in transparent color to protect from any dirt before install.
  • Polyethylene Protection Films
    PE Surface protection Film is used on metal and glass substrates. It is used to keep the metal and glass substrates clean and to protect from stains, abrasions and scratches during fabrication, transportation, and installation process. Some of Its Benefits Include: * Economical and Easy to use on almost all conditions * Hard-Wearing PE Film provides maximum protection * Clean "Stain-Free" removal after use
  • LCD Screen Protective Films
    Protective Film for TFT/LCD panel for note book, LCD monitor, LCD TV, optical class. Features: 1. Friction/scratch resistant: Topfilm is made of high-quality polymer material, with the surface receiving friction resistant and scratch hardening treatment. The friction and scratch test has met the ASTM D3363 and ASTM D1044 international standard. 2. High transparency/true color tone: With 90% light penetrating rate, the user can feel the comfort of bright picture and true sense of natural color quality. 3. Soft screen picture color tone: With special micro-foggy surface finish technology, the Topfilm can effectively reduce up to 98% of visual reflection and dazzing light from external environment. 4. Fingerprint and dust resistant Being treated with special anti-static finish, the surface...
  • PET Protective Films
    A. Methods of production: 1. PET Film coated on PMMA rubber ( E.R. adhesive ). 2. PET Film coated on Silicone adhesive. 3. We can offer the above two kinds of Protective Film for customer's option. B. Reasons of application: 1. To avoid panels and body ( housings ) frictional damage of electrics & electronics . 2. To avoid the dusting. C. Applications: 1. Computer industries: monitors of desk computer, LCD monitors, panels of notebook, body of notebook, CNC panels of industrial computer. 2. TV industries: panels of PDP, LCD TV and traditional TV screens. 3. Communication industries: Lens of mobile phone and PDA , body (housing) of mobile phone, MP3 and playing station. 4. Electric industry: body or housing of all kinds of electric products . 5. Optical & A.V....
  • Automobile Paint Protection Films
    Application: (1) CB-500: Automobile painting protection. (2) CB-800: Bumper painting protection. (3) CU-800: Headlight painting protection.

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