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    Welcome to visit Hsiang Wei, a top Silicone Extrusion manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Taiwan. Together with the growing demand in the market, we are engaged in the design and production of innovative and precision silicon extruded products. We completed the transfer smoothly through the effective leardership and hard working of management levels and employee. Nowadays, we included our products of FDA, Medicine and UL approved products and certificated by ISO 9001 from 2000. We appreciated the patronage of customers, collaboration of suppliers, and the non-stop effort of employee and management level. Hence, we can stand firm and keep strong in the future. If you need kinds of Silicone Extrusion profiles, you could count on Hsiang Wi. Contact us for more details!

Products Catalog

  • Extruded Silicone & Rubber Tubings And Cords
    1. Silicone material products and other rubber such as NBR, CR, EPDM, SBR, Viton¡K¡K. 2. O-Ring Cord are available for imperial and metric size. 3. Materials according ASTM D-2000 specifications. 4. Silicone for high-heat exceeded 250° or flame retardant ok, UL standard. 5. FDA grade. 6. Gum tubigs are also able to supply. 7. Bigest size upto 2" in ID. 8. Continous extruding curing system with time and speed, temperature control. 9. High precision & low tolerance.
  • Silicone Splicings  ( Silicone Extrusions )
    Splicing or called as jointing either by hot air curing or by primer(cold jointing). The later is not recommend to use in the hot environment.
  • VDE Approved Silicone Wires ( Silicone Extrusions )
    VDE approval is for European market electrical products. Our Silicone insulated high temperature are also approvaed by VDE to export to Eurpean customer and for users who have the assembly lines for marketing European oriented goods or components.
  • Silicone Tubings ( Silicone Extrusions )
    Silicone tubing is our main business line which are sold together with our wire adn cable, sometimes need as the sleeve. His means high temperature sleeve.
  • Sponge Extrusions ( Silicone Extrusions )
    With this process, the Silicone rubber is continuously forced through a die that formed it to the desired cross-sectional size and shape. Hot air vulcanization is applied for either vertical or horizontal heating unit.

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