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  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of a Bluetooth Speaker manufacturer. We are full of flexibility on manufacturing and possesses capability of integration to handle with multiple transactions and small quantity orders of different application. We always insist and emphasis on the principles of service, quality, innovation and business continuity and keep optimum status to provide the best service to our clients. Any inquiry or phone call is welcomed all the time. We will reply to you as soon as possible. Looking forward to have a long term business relationship with any of our customers. Just visit on our showroom for more information. Amaoto Bluetooth Speakers manufacturer is your best choice.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    consumer electronic products, audio & video ( AV) products- MP3 players, digital MP3 players, necklace MP3, LCD MP3 players, 512MB /1GB /2GB /4GB MP3, MP4 players, TFT full color screen MP4 player, DVD combo, PVR ( personal video recorder), audio Speaker devices, Bluetooth portable Speaker, MP3 iPod Speaker systems, MP3 alarm clocks, digital photo( picture) frames, portable DAB radios.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    computer & PC peripheral- (1) wireless optical mouse, laser & ball mouse, mini & wireless ( mice), wireless keyboards, RF & gift mouse. (2) wireless computer keyboards, RF & USB keyboards, standard & multimedia keyboards, mini & light & slim keyboards. (3) multimedia computer speakers, notebook & stereo Speaker, home theater & audio speakers, PA speakers. (4) computer components & parts & accessories- wireless ear phones ( earphones), headphones, Bluetooth products, wireless headsets, wireless phone headset, headset microphones, , PC & computer & USB microphones, cabinets, custom PC cases, computer carrying cases, rackmount( rack mount ) pc cases & server cases. (5) PC & computer cameras, USB & IP cameras, internet & web cameras ( web cams, webcams), wireless internet & IR cameras.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    OVTECH Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, we are specialized on Bluetooth Speaker. The main features and competitive advantages of our product can be described as following: price, prompt delivery, excellent and high quality control. Our company is committed to offer fine quality products to our customers. Our brand is well known with marketing network worldwide. The best choice to do business is with OVTECH Bluetooth Speakers manufacturer because you can trust on our satisfactory and public praise for your guarantee. Please contact us for more information and quotation if you have any questions.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Taiwan Bluetooth Manufacturer & Supplier. Aeromax Technology Founded in 2005, Aeromax is a professional Bluetooth Speaker provider. We organize a professional sales and marketing team to realize market demand and to satisfy customers' needs. All of our sales representatives are trained to have sufficient technical knowledge to take care of customer’s inquiries. Many OEM/ODM customers have chosen and have continued to deem Aeromax as their strategic alliance partner because of our dedication to creating quality, competitive products and our commitment to build long term, mutually beneficial business relationships. Please refer to our Wireless Bluetooth Speakers: BS-7101 Bluetooth Speaker, BS-7102 Bluetooth Speakers, BS-7103 Blue Tooth Speaker.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Zonoki Electronics Manufacturer Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, which is an experienced and professional electrical manufacturer. The company has dominated a good market share in wireless Bluetooth earphone, skype online phone, MP3 wirelessly transmitter, multi card reader, Bluetooth Speaker, DVB-T TV receiver, mobile phone, FM transmitter, MP3 and MP4 players etc. The products had been RoHS compliant. Extraordinary performance stems from extraordinary ideas. As the China economy globalizes and the China market steadily becoming more developed, we will remain dedicated to "Honesty, Reality, Innovation, and Effectiveness" and strive continually to provide top-quality products and superb service to our world-wide clients.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Cool Sources Co., Ltd., a Taiwan-based company, has offices in Taipei and China. Cool Sources has 15 year experiences in IT R&D and developing consumer electronic & pc peripherals products such as USB flash disk drivers, Bluetooth Speaker, digital MP3 players, touch screen MP4 players, GPS, MP3 speakers and so on. Our contracted manufacturers have more than 5,000 workers, with CE, FCC, RoHS and ISO 9001-2000 approval. Cool Sources manufactures products in China and Taiwan and exports to worldwide market. We emphasize product quality, good service and prompt delivery for our clients. Cool Sources offers long term warranty for products, and also offers very competitive price and considerate service for our clients. Please send requests about products to us, we will reply you immediately.
  • ( Origin : Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Shenzhen Go-On Electronics Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of a wide range of wireless headphones, Bluetooth Speaker, transmitters, IR/ RF wireless headsets, noise cancellation headphones, Bluetooth headphones and so forth. GO-ON focuses on high quality RF& IR wireless headphones with crystal clear sound. This crucial standard is carried over to the assembly line, where we manually test each of the 60,000 headphones we produce monthly. Our R&D chief has been in the acoustics field for over 18 years, leading a team of software and hardware engineers who have been working with ODM buyers for over a decade. So when users don headphones, they will only get clear and accurate audio. Our dedication to quality has won us the loyalty of clients in North America, Europe and...
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Go-Rock Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the Bluetooth Speakers manufacturer, such as our new Go Rock Momo Speakers. Excellent Quality, Best Service, Profession, and Sincerity are the positive feedbacks earned from our clients. They help us to blend the positive images in the market for all of our product ranges and furthermore, they are always our promises to all of our worldwide clients. We will be in a sound position to provide clients with the highest performance on our products and enable us to share the fruits of success with you. We welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can make our company a better supplier and an improved partner to your business. 100% Quality check will be performed to make sure the goods are of high quality standard when delivered to customer end.
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Since 1984, Ting Immediately Ind. Co., Ltd. sells a wide range of Bluetooth Speaker. With rich experience & dedicated efforts, we have earned a trusted reputation as the premier provider in the field of Bluetooth Speaker. From 2006 June, we follow RoHS standard to manufacture and supply high quality products to suit specific requirement of clients in different countries. After over 25 years of working hard, our annual sales volume has grown to over US$ 10 million. As a professional tablet accessories manufacturer, we welcome any OEM/ODM orders. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Products Catalog

  • Bluetooth Speakers
    1. Mini portable style Speaker 2.0CH system, 1W x 2. 2. Compliant with Bluetooth Class 2 V1.2. 3. Easy to embed in Bluetooth class1 100M (open site) or Class2 10M (open site). 4. Function keys: power on / off, volume +, -. 5. Supported analogue audio line-in. 6. Supported 4x AA battery for portable. 7. Supported 90° angle rotatable designed.
  • Go-rock Cube Portable Bluetooth Speakers
    go-rock Cube is the deluxe life-style portable Bluetooth Speaker that brings the superior performance in sound quality and a comfortable size (8cm *8cm *9cm) that can be portable easily by hand and elegant enough to be set on desktop or bedside for its visual style. You can see more detail as below to konow more about our Bluetooth Speaker. If you need further information about our portable Bluetooth speakers, please send a message to us. We'll answer you as soon as possible. Go-Rock is your first choice of Bluetooth Speaker supplier!
  • Bluetooth Speakers
    1. Portable hand free Speaker 2.0CH, 2W x 2. 2. Compliant with Bluetooth V1.2. 3. Built-in microphone, hand free conversation via mobile-call, Skype, msn & yahoo messenger. 4. Talking distance around 1m. 5. Supported microphone Jack-in. 6. Supported analogue audio line-in. 7. Supported noise echo cancellation. 8. Supported AVRCP for remote control. 9. Supported 4x AA battery for portable. 10. Operation time 6~8 hours.
  • Bluetooth Speakers
    1. One box style Speaker system 2.0CH, 5 W x 2 Speaker system. 2. Compliant with Bluetooth class 2 version 1.2. 3. Support analogue audio line-in function. 4. Speaker unit good for MP3 / WMA audio format.

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