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    Temwell Group is a leading manufacturer of wide range of rf filter and CATV Amplifier. On the basis of introducing all kinds of talents, in the spirit of constant innovation and improving quality, with sincerity as our shield to meet the demands of clients, our factory controls quality in the process of design, production and delivery, providing good quality filters products for every client. We will keep excellent quality, good reputation continuously. Hope to receive precious ideas and suggestions from domestic and overseas' friends. Let us create good achievements in this hot spot and go out for a nice tomorrow together.

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  • CATV Amplifiers ( CATV Equipment)
    KM-8D36AGS is 870 MHz trunk Amplifier is a cable tv equipment for CATV system.
  • Drop Amplifiers
    The drop Amplifier provides additional gain at the customer premise when needed as a result of long drops, multiple TV outlets, or multiple service requirements. The four port version is a bybass drop Amplifier which is designed to support telephony application with high reliability and uninterrupted sevice even in the the event of power outages or Amplifier failure. The drop Amplifier is available in one and four output, with GaAsFET technologies, and is configured for reverse path passive transmission. The one output version has a 15 dB output gain, and the four output version has a typical 7 dB output gain on VoIP bypass port and 8 dB gain on other ports. The drop Amplifier allows very versatile deployment. To install, simply locate and mount the Amplifier, and then connect the RF input...
  • Multi Media Drop Amplifiers
    Southwold’s MMDA series drop amplifiers are specifically designed for the advanced broadband industries. As the CATV network requirement on the subscriber premise has increased to provide data, video on demand and voice over IP results in the need to install highly reliable subscriber Amplifier with exceptional signal integrity. The MMDA provide exceptional RF performance with two-way capabilities that supports forward and reverse signal transmission with optional active return. It has surge protection on all ports and coated housing with environmental seals on the back plate and seal brass F port to withstand the harshest operating environment. Product features: 1. Up to 1 Ghz operating band width. 2. Digitally compatible format. Forward and return path. 3. 3.5 dB noise figure. 4. Better...
  • Multimedia Drop Amplifiers
    1. Suit to both outdoor and indoor. 2. BR, input and output all available for power-in. 3. Power/RF double isolation, multi-protection. 4. Input/Output attenuation adjustable.
  • RF Distribution Amplifiers ( CATV Amplifers)
    The SDA MiniFlex 1002 MHz super distribution amplifiers are the next generation of ACI's distribution RF amplifiers that are offered in a variety of different configurations to meet the divergent needs of today's broadband networks. They are designed to offer superior 2-way performance for new system builds, and also allow for drop in RF module upgrades to legacy SDA 750, 870 or 900 MHz stations without the need for respacing the existing amplifiers.
  • Outdoor Amplifiers
    1. 2 way CATV outdoor Amplifier. 2. 862MHz.
  • Line Amplifiers
    1. Easy maintenance for module design. 2. Switching power design. 3. Special plug for power input port. 4. No power cutoff when the Amplifier module is dissembled.
  • CATV Amplifiers ( Cable TV Equipment)
    1. 2 way CATV Amplifier. 2. 550/750/860MHz for options. 3. Suit for NTSC/PAL system.
  • CATV Drop Amplifier ( Cable TV Equipment)
    The ACI Communications Drop Amplifier line consists of house-type active devices that deliver superior performance up to 1 GHz in today's expanding RF telecommunications networks.
  • Miniflex Super Distribution Amplifiers
    The ACI miniflex super distribution Amplifier is a versatile platform with improved flexibility for use in hybrid fiber coax distribution architectures.

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