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    UTECH is one of branch company of UNIFIVE Group and it was established in HONGKONG since 2003. Its specializes in Portable Power Bank and some similar products. Now it has became one of main Portable Power Bank manufacturers in Power supply industry. UTECH company always insists on "safe design, best quality, improving the technology of production, excellent service and green environment" management principles. During the internationalization of specification standard progress, UTECH has a further improving on the miniaturize light type,light weight, energy saving and high function. They take customer requirement as goal for producing and designing as well as would provide high value-added services.
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    Established in 1990, Tekfun Co., Ltd. is specialized in the export and manufacture of various Portable Power Bank. Taking advantage of our own professional antenna chamber, high frequency network analyzer equipment, rich experienced R&D and well trained production, we win great reputation from the world wide customers. Nowadays, we design more Portable Power Bank to meet the market demand. Our products are widely used in GSM/CDMA/TDMA, telecom, wireless Lan, GPS and DVBT devices, etc. Your best Portable Power Bank solution partner is Tekfun. Our strict QC procedure, rapid shipment service and lowest cost structure can always support your projects to be successful. We welcome any custom-made specification. Please contact us any time for your OEM/ODM projects.

Products Catalog

  • Mobile Power Bank
    ✔ Short circuit protection ✔ Over current Protection ✔ Over charge Protection ✔ Over discharge Protection ✔ Leakage Protection
  • Solar Charger Power Bank
    * Portable Solar battery charger * With solar panel, can be charged under sunlight * Fashion design, small and easy to carry * polymer battery capacity: 1800mAh ,can recycling use for more than 500 times
  • Power Bank With LED Flashlight
    *Fashion design using industrial aluminum alloy material. Firm, small and easy to carry. *With High-brightness LED flashlight inside . *Extremely Large Capacity: 4500Mah/5200Mah Lithium Batteries *Intelligent protection circuit design provides over-charge, over discharge and short circuit protection. *Available colors : Black, Silver, Pink and Gold (OEM: option)
  • Power Bank
    *Fashion design, small and easy to carry *With slim design, smooth and comfortable touch. It’ll be a stylish addition to anywhere *Capacity: 5000Mah Lithium Batteries *Service life: cycle use 500 times or more *Available colors : White, black, red, blue and green
  • 3G WIFI Power Bank
    *3G WIFI ROUTER ALL-IN-ONE *Fashion design, firm, small and easy to carry. *Extremely Large Capacity:5200MA *Color: black (OEM: option)
How Does A Portable Power Bank Work?

A power bank is essentially an external battery in a sealed case. Powerbanks come with a USB cable; you connect it to a power source such as a laptop to charge the powerbank. Some charge via flip out blades for plugging into the wall. In either case, you carry the charged up powerbank – and the cable – in your pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase or whatever and use it to charge the phone (using the same USB cable) when you see the battery meter sinking into the sunset.

Now the old solution was maybe go sit in your car in some parking garage to use your car charger, or maybe sit and wait in a food court somewhere where you miraculously found an outlet to plug into. You don’t like to admit it, but in many cases you’re screwed without your smart phone. So what’s the new solution to the, oops I’m out in the world with a dead phone and no charger, problem? Portable power banks.

If you’re the type who winds up standing in the street under an umbrella late for something or other and staring at the little Apple symbol on a black screen as your iPhone powers off just before the email you needed to look at loaded, then listen up. Let’s talk 21st century solutions. Lets talk accessories that solve modern life’s little problems.

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