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    • Water Purification System Manufacturer
      Water Purification System Manufacturer
      Water Purification System Manufacturer
    Puricom Water Industrial Corp. is one of a professional Water Purification System manufacturer. Because of the excellent performance and high quality with our RO System, we have earned the affirmative appreciation being a well-known Reverse Osmosis System Manufacturers from many famous companies. Quality control System has been set up, and we have met ISO 9001 standards and gained many other international approval. What we are aiming for is to produce best machines and get customers' 100% trust, satisfaction. We are looking forward to cooperating with all interested customers abroad.

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    coolant filtration System, coolant Purification System, cnc coolant filtration System, cutting oil filtration System, oil Water separator machine, coolant oil separator, coolant oil skimmer, tramp oil separator, chip removal machine, chip vacuum cleaner, chip sludge removal machine, centrifugal oil filter machine, coolant centrifugal separator, machining coolant filtration System, grinding machine coolant filtration system

Standard Suppliers

  • Beijing ENTE Membrane Industry Co., Ltd.

    We are the professional manufacturer of RO (reverse osmosis) pure Water equipment, mineral Water Purification equipments and related equipment for Water Purification for food industry, beverage industry and wine making industry etc, deion equipments, sweet Water treatment equipment, well Water treatment equipment, boiler Water softening equipment, Water sterilization equipment. In addition, we also develop and manufacture ultrafiltration membrane modules and related equipment. With high qualities of our products and strict quality control, we have won the good market and the confidences of our customers. Our company has a very strong technical team which consists of a number of experienced senior engineers and technicians. Having this professional and experienced Water treatment team, we are...

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  • Hangzhou Fuyang Bona Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Bona Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in all kinds of Water filtering equipments & Water Purification systems. Our products include the stainless steel RO membrane housings, Water Purification filters, micro filters, bag hoses, carbon & stainless steel mechanical filters, ion-exchanger stainless steel Water vessels, UV Water sterilizers, filter cartridges, Water tanks and so on. By the advantage of possessing excellent staff and spirit, Bona Water Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. welcome any faithful organization to join us together to build up prosperous future.

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    We are specialized in manufacturing of ozone generator, integrating scientific research, producing and marketing. Manufacturer of ozone generators, mobiles ozone systems, ozone sanitation machines, air purifiers, purify Water equipment, Water Purification System, ozone multipurpose sterilizers, ozone Water washing machine, mobile ozone systems, etc. The GNQAO-Tech is always improving products’ quality to provide perfect service for all our customers.

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  • The 718 Research Institute of CSIC.

    The 718th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation was founded in 1966, and is situated in Handan city of Hebei Province with an occupation area of 900,000 m2. It is a national scientific research unit integrated with scientific research and development, design and production, and technical service. It is mainly engaged in many fields of high-energy chemistry, hydrogen generation and development of hydrogen energy, special gases, fine chemical industry, petroleum nuclear detection, environmental engineering, gas analysis, automatic control, nuclear-power hydrogen elimination, variable frequency energy saving, air Purification, medical oxygen generation and etc. In the Institute, there are over 1600 workers and staff members of whom above 800 are engineers and technicians,...

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  • Water Purification & Health Company Limited

    Water Purification & Health Company Limited is the producer, wholesaler, retailer and trader of Reverse Osmosis (RO) devices. We mainly manufacture a wide range of Water Purification System, reverse osmosis ( ro) devices, carbon filters, Reverse Osmosis membrane filter, infrared bio-ceramic energy filter, Water dispensers, hot/warm/cold standing Water dispensers, bottle filtrators, electronic Water tester, Water quality monitor.

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  • Asian Tec Limited

    Manufacturer of the industrial Water Purification & treatment System, waste Water recycle System, sea Water desalting System, ultra-pure Water treatment System, before and after pretreatment System, de ion Water treatment System and other Water, waste Water treatment System.

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  • Ningbo Water Purifying Factory

    NingBo Water Purifier Factory major in manufacturing variety Water purifying devices such as reverse osmosis ( RO) System, Water purifier, RO Water purifiers, Water filters, Water dispensers, filter cartridge, filter housing, faucet, Water purifier valve, connecter and RO kits, purifier accessories from 1992. We also accept special requirement for OEM/ODM prodeucts. We will keep doing our best to improve ourselves in order to meet the satisfaction of our customers.

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  • Wuhan Yipu Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.

    a professional company in researching, producing & selling all kinds of Water filter, such as Water Purification System, home reverse osmosis Water purifier, industrial & commercial RO systems, commercial reverse osmosis Water purifier, cold & hot Water dispensers, process filtration & filter, Water testing instruments, housing the RO relative accessories.

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  • Fuyang Zhonghe Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Water Purification System, ro Water System, Water dispenser, filter cartridge, filter housing, RO Water System fittings, and passed the ISO9001 International Quality System certification. Further more, Zhonghe product was awarded " FQA International Science & Technology and Quality Progressive Award" by US Federal Science and Technology Quality Appraisement Committee and " Eureak International Gold Award" by International Brand Strategy Develops Committee.

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  • Nanjing H&C Mechanical Manufacturer Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Water Purification systems, Water treatment systems, it is a member of WQA ( USA Water Quality Association) and have been awarded quality System certificate of standard iso9001: 2000.

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  • Suzhou Origin Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Water Purification System, standing RO System, public RO System, wall mounted Water dispenser. It has 12years experience.

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  • Ningbo Mingrui Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Water Purification System, Water Purification systems, magnetic filter bars, super fuel saver, magnetic fuel conditioners, oil savers, energy savers, magnetic filters for Water, magnetic Water treatments, magnetic Water conditioners, magnetic separators, magnetic grates, magnetic grids, magnetic knife bars, magnetic tool bars, magnetic lifters, magnetic chucks, therapy magnets, magnetic assemblies, pot magnets. It has passed ISO9001 certification.

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  • Beijing KWF Sci-Tech Development Co., Ltd.

    Beijing KWF Sci-tech Development Co.,Ltd established in 2001 which is specialized in designing, producing and selling Laboratory Equipment & Environmental Detecting Instrument & Automation instrument & Ecological Instrument & Other Equipments. Products include ABS plastic shell ultrasonic cleaning machines, monofrequent ultrasonic cleaner machines, PH meter, conductivity meter, soil nutrient rapid tester, soil moisture-temperature tester, chlorophyll tester, protable living leaf area meter, temperature, humidity recorder, portable agricultural environment detector, CO2 recorder, wind way and speed recorder, rainfall recorder, aflatoxin analyzer, nitrogen, phosphorus, fruit sclerometer, digital hand-held refractometers, Water Purification System, drying oven, incubator, spectrophotometer, polarimeter,...

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  • Research Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Water Purification System, under Water water Purification System, industrial System, electrophoresis products, ges imaging System.

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  • Zhangjiagang Baixiong Handong Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Water Purification System, Water Purification systems, gas containing drink production lines, mineral Water production lines, pure Water production lines, fruit juice or fruit tea production lines, white wine filling production Lines, Water treatment equipments. It has passed ISO9001 certification.

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