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  • ( Origin : Taiwan & Mainland China Manufacturers & Suppliers )
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      DC Fan
    Rebeck Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of DC Fans. With unbeatable standing credit and considerate services, our qualified and motivated team will supply you dependable items in short delivery time and at very competitive price. Our mission is to provide our customers DC Fan with immediate, reliable, high value component management solutions and unparalleled customer services. If you are interest our products, contact us, we will offer you the best price and superior high quality. We wish to have a long term business relationship with you in the near future.

Golden Suppliers

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    We Hightech Components Co., Ltd. has engaged in thermal management since 1989, as the largest extruded heat sinks manufacturer in Taiwan. We main products include extruded heat sinks, DC Fan, heat sinks, motor stators, stamping heat sinks, BGA & CPU heat sinks. In order to fulfill our customers' satisfaction, and serving with the most competitive advantage for the market, we branched 2 factories in China and Philippines, with more advantages of efficiency and competitive we could provide, we turn into OEM of offering low-cost solutions, inventory and logistical support to oversea partners as well for years. To be a global supplier, we take a pride in providing the highest quality ISO 9001 certified product.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    As one of global leading brands in manufacturing capacitors, LUNGCHEN CAPACITOR COMPANY always keeps innovative and pursue excellence to satisfy customers demand. With more than 20 years’ experience of producing capacitors, we are one of the few companies in Taiwan which can produce ceiling Fan capacitors professionally. It is also famous for manufacturing various metallized film capacitors for home electronics and industrial machines, including of motors, ceiling fans, fans, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, ventilators, pumps, electrical tools, lights, power savers and other appliances. When you require capacitors, you can directly contact the professional manufacturer of capacitors or DC Fan items - LUNGCHEN instead of through any agents or distributors.

Standard Suppliers

  • Yueqing Xinzhong Electric Co., Ltd.

    Yueqing Xinzhong Electric Co.,Ltd. is specialized in industry and international trade. Manufacturer of axical AC fans, brushless DC Fan, micro switches, tact switch, power switches, rocker switches, alarm, video door phone systems, steam iron, lamps, LED rope light, enclosure box, electric ( power) hammer, hand crimping tools, AV jacks etc.. The company has its own import & export right and electronic products sales to all over the world.

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  • Shanghai Kechang Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of industrial fans, it included DC fans, AC fans, AC motors, Fan guard, plastic electronic products, etc. The company has certification of ISO9001:2000 and ANSI/ASQ Q9001:2000.

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  • U-Lucky Electronic Co., Ltd.

    U-Lucky Electronic eas established in 2002. We are a professional manufacturer of industrial fans, involved DC fans, AC fans, Fan guard, CPU coolers, system collers, VGA cooler fans, heat pipes, heatsink, etc. Our products received CE and UL certifications and exported to the United States, Korea, Taiwan and China. Our ISO 9001-2000 certification provides you with the assurance that our product will meet your needs and expectations. Our coolers are widely used in PC, computer peripheral, medical devices, consumer electronics which need a thermal management and technical support. We warmly welcome you to join us!

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    founded in 1993, our company specializes in the production and sale of axial Fan such as DC fans, DC Fan, AC fans, blower fans, chip coolers, mini blowers, CPU coolers, bracket fans, radiating chips, waterproof fans, etc. The characteristics of our products are low noise, low consumption, long life-span & strong blowing. The company's management are based on ISO9001 strictly. We have professional researchers who can design and develop the specifications and the control systems of fans according to the request of customers.

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  • BestFlow Motor Co., Ltd.

    The operative scope of our company is producing AC Fan, AC blower, DC brushlless fans, DC brushlless blower, AC/DC motor, control electric machines and their applied products, mechanical parts and electronic components. our company is a specialized one that manufactures the serial products of AC/DC fans, The quality and quota about technology and performance come to the advanced world levels. Meanwhile, the products also confirm to the international standards of America, Canada and Europe, and being at the head of the similar domestic ones, They are widely used in storage system in a computer, apparatus and instrument, medical facilities etc. AC/DC Fan and AC/DC blower are for ventilating and radiating. They have won good reputation by the characteristics of beautiful appearance, compact...

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  • Delta Electronics, Inc.

    Established in 1971, Delta Group is the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and brushless fans. As a global leader in power electronics. Our mission is- To provide innovative energy-saving products for a better quality of life. Our design process is based on Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) providing a stringent and accelerated design cycle while ensuring product quality and reliability. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified, and all share common quality and measurement systems. In recent years we have developed high-density and high-efficiency telecommunication power systems, UPS ( uninterruptible power supply) with advanced interfaces, computer networking components and products with high software content, microdisplay PTVs, and many others....

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  • Symtek Co., Ltd.

    With more than 20years experienced in electronic market , Symtek act as an agent of famous brand and sell to big electronic company. Product lines include micro motors, stepping motor, spindle motors, brushless slotless DC motors, brushed DC electric motor, encoders, tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS), DC cooler fans, etc. Our "Work hard, Work smart, and Work completty" wisdem work spirit satisfied customer's demand.

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  • Changzhou Xiangming Electromotor Co., Ltd.

    Changzhou Xiangming Electromotor Co., Ltd is located in southeast of Changzhou City, was established in 1995. We are a globally active manufacturer of electromotors including AC motors, DC motor, DC brushless motor, various AC DC centrifugal & cross-flow blowers, duct ventilating & axial fans, etc. Our products are widely applied in Railway traffic vehicles, Automobile, Aviation, Air-conditioning, Refrigeration equipment, Electric and Gas burner/cookers, Machinery, Housing appliance, Medical instrument & Fitness equipment, Bank system, War industry etc. Our main customers include well-known names, such as Panasonic, Sinko, LG, Daikin, A.O. Smith, Trane, GE and so on. The development, manufacture and delivery of high quality products along with first-class service are among the declared goals...

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  • Compucase Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1979, HEC Group is today a leading global manufacturer and designer of PC Case, Power Supplies, Rackmount Chassis & Adapters, serving customers around the world. In addition to our headquarters in Taiwan, HEC Group has a manufacturing facility in China and an established network of branch offices in USA, Germany, UK, Japan, China and Spain. This combination enables us to provide our customers with competitive manufacturing costs and the most efficient and immediate service worldwide. Our world class engineering and design expertise, helps us deliver a total solution to first-tier system integrators. Today, our R&D team continues to evolve and refine our technologies, constantly improving performance levels, and simultaneously reducing manufacturing costs. Innovative products, combined...
  • Beijing Xinquansheng Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

    Founded in 1996, Shenzhen Xinquansheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is specialized in PC thermal solutions, which covers R&D, Manufacturing, Sales & after-sale service. The main workshops/ production lines include plastic injection, motor assembly, metallic machining and cooler assembly. Our product range covers CPU cooler, display card cooler, VGA cooling fans, HDD cooler, DC Fan, laptop notebook coolers and other peripheral cooling devices. As a NDA partner of AMD and CNDA partner of Intel, we could get technology support, thermal design guide, thermal test vehicles etc. from them regularly. We also have a lab in Beijing which was approved by Intel, where there are wind tunnel, acoustic chamber, environmental chamber, clip load test equipments and various thermal test vehicles. Our factory...

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  • Kaimei Electronic Corp.

    The company's products including aluminum electrolytic, DC brushless Fan, AC Fan. Received by ISO 14001 certification in 2000.
  • Yen Sun Technology Corp.

    The company's products including DC Fan, AC Fan, DC blower, home appliance products, bottle water dispensers, DC brushless colling fans, thermal devices.
  • Telco Intercontinental Corp.

    Telco Intercontinental Corporation has been serving original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers in the motion control industry throughout the United States for over 30 years and functions as a supply chain management center that leverages a worldwide manufacturing network. As a leading supplier of motion control products, Telco is committed to strict quality assurance and quality control, and strives for continuous improvement to achieve LEAN manufacturing & operation. We’re an ISO 9001-2008 certified company. Our engineering department also adopts the fundamental SPC and six Sigma methodology practice, enabling us to make sure each product is made to the specific design requirement to meet / exceed customer expectation continuously. Most of our products are compliant with UL, CE standards...

Products Catalog

  • DC Industry Fans
    Industry Fans supply industrial equipments fields with high airflow volume and long life expectation cooling efficiency with rated voltage ranges from 12V~48V, air flow from 137CFM~335CFM.
  • DC LED Fans
    DC LED fans supply computer peripheral, electronic equipments and instruments fields with high reliability, excellent performance, and lower power consumption cooling efficiency. The transparent blades and frames with various LED lights bring fancy effects.
  • DC LED Fans
    DC LED fans supply computer peripheral, electronic equipments and instruments fields with high reliability, excellent performance, and lower power consumption cooling efficiency. The transparent blades and frames with various LED lights bring fancy effects.
  • DC Fans (Blower)
    1. Frame: plastic (UL: 94V-0). 2. Impeller: plastic (UL: 94V-0). 3. Bearing: ball bearing.
  • DC Fans (Cross Flow Fans)
    1. The aluminum made alloy cross Fan is temperature resistant and has qualities of light in weight, low in noise, and minimum vibration high strength and long life. 2. The angle and the length of cross Fan leaves are easily adjustable to adapt to any customers existing requirement. 3. The motor bearing of the ventilator is protected by a layer of grease, which would allow 15,000 hours of usage without regressing. 4. JIN YIH SHYANG cross flow Fan is designed small in size with high efficiency. 5. The ventilator is especially suitable to incorporate with products that are light, thin and small.
  • DC Industry Fans
    Industry fans supply industrial equipments fields with high airflow volume and long life expectation cooling efficiency with rated voltage ranges from 12V~48V, air flow from 137CFM~335CFM.
  • DC Fans With LED Lights
    1. Casting and impeller material: plastic ( UL 94V-O). 2. Bearing system: ball bearing (B); sleeve bearing (S); ball/sleeve bearing (SB).
  • Dc Fans15-35mm
    15-35mm DC Fan
  • DC LED Fans
    DC LED fans supply computer peripheral, electronic equipments and instruments fields with high reliability, excellent performance, and lower power consumption cooling efficiency. The transparent blades and frames with various LED lights bring fancy effects.
  • DC Fans
    1. Frame: PBT glass fiber alloy, UL94V-0 rating. 2. Impeller: PBT glass fiber alloy, UL94V-0 rating. 3. Bearing: (1) Ball bearing system, sleeve bearing system. (2) One ball bearing system and ceramic system. 4. Motor: brushless, DC motor, RH 20%~80%. 5. Protection: impedance or polarity protection. 6. Operating temperature: (1) Ball bearing: -20℃~80℃. (2) Sleeve bearing: -10℃~70℃. 7. Insulation resistance: 10 megohms minimum at 500V DC. 8. Dielectric strength: 1 minimum at 500V AC/ 60Hz (between frame and terminal). 9. Life expectancy: ball bearing/ sleeve bearing/ temp. (1) 60,000 hours/ 25,000 hours/ at 25℃. (2) 40,000 hours/ 20,000 hours/ at 40℃. (3) 25,000 hours/ 15,000 hours/ at 55℃ . (4) 15,000 hours/ 10,000 hours/ at 70℃. 10. Operating voltage:...
  • DC Fans
    Feature: 1. Higher airflow, static pressure and torque. 2. Reduction for noise and power consumption. 3. Patented hypro bearing for longer life. 4. Additional output functions are available.
  • Brushless DC Condenser Fans
    This kind of Fan used brushless DC motor without hall sensors, and the feedback signal is created by back EMF. They can be used in bus air conditioner, radiator and cooling system, etc.

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