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    Taiwan Boiler Manufacturer- With more than four decades of experience in the industry of food Boiler equipment, Kinn Shang Hoo Iron Works specializes in the design and manufacture of various boilers. Due to our consistent high product quality and reasonable price structures, our products have won good estimate and trust from the clients domestic and overseas. In order to response to the rapid changes in the dynamic market, we constantly strive to not only improve our existing Boiler machinery, but also to more efficient and cost-effective boilers. If you are seeking for reliable & trustworthy Boiler suppliers, Kinn Shang Hoo will be the best choice to meet your needs. Contact us today! Please feel free to refer to our NEW Soybean Boiler, High Pressure Quick Boiler, Food Boiler and more.

Products Catalog

  • Double Steam Boilers (Fixed Type)
    For cooking meat of livestock, bean, soup, and rice.
  • Boiler Facilities
    Feature: 1. Special heat conduction design to allow heat-transfer enhancement. 2. Tope and bottom of the Boiler water tube is welded and protected for heat resistance. To prevent from crack causes from metal expansion and contraction expose to heat or cold. This will ensure the Boiler life and its durability. 3. Boiler's water tube uses the STB-340 seamless carbon steel pipe, air chamber, water drum, upper and lower uses the SB-450 steel plate. 4. Once through Boiler, the interior of the furnace develops flow of hot air and the structure, enables it to combust which cause heat to increase the conductance heating around the surface to provide heat for water pipes exterior. 5. Designed with dual water and steam separator, steam capable maintain 99% above. 6. Compact size doesn’t...
  • Double Steam Boilers ( Food Processors)
    1. For cooking many foods, mixng and seasoning. 2. Low cost and high yield. 3. We have spent 40 years of experiment and research to manufacture food processing machinery, adopt automatic machines to reduce cost and lower the price for the customers.
  • High Pressure Double Steam Boilers ( Food Processors)
    1. For cooking meat of livestock, bean, green grass, plant quickly. 2. Good heat circulation, keep warm long, energy- saving. 3. High pressure sealed type. Food is delious.
  • Food Boilers ( Food Processing Equipments)
    To cook soy bean milk, and thick soup etc. Character: 1. Two layer pots, double steam not burning the foods. 2. Discharging by material pouring pedal. 3. Stirring speed could be adjusted from 1 to 10 R.P.M. 4. The whole of mirror polished of stainless steel is easy to clean and accord with sanitary standard.
  • High Pressure Quick Boilers
    1. For cooking meat of livestock, bean, green grass, plant quickly. 2. Character: (1) Good heat circulation, keep warm long, energy- saving. (2) High pressure sealed typed Food is delicious.

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