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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Get Kaung Enterprise Co., was founded in 1979, we are a manufacturer of whole-plant equipments, including stainless steel water tanks, mold making and oil pressure Tank, Metal Stock Tank, moulding whole plant equipments. has skillful engineers, sufficient experience and updated facilities in the plant. For all these factors, we can maintain our extremely high reputation in the field of tanks OEM/ODM industry. Our company persists the high quality, best service, low defect, low price; four main principles bring our products not only spreading in Taiwan local market, but also to USA, Nigeria, Uganda, Syria, India, Malaysia, Puerto Rico all over the world. If you have any question about stainless steel water tanks, please send the e-mail to us. We will be very glad to answer all your questions....
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Dah Yuan Iron Works has been manufacturing compasses, Metal Stock Tank and precision-engineered paintball guns for over 12 years. We make great efforts to provide superior quality products with excellent services and to expand both the domestic and the international market. We are always striving to be a strong enterprise in this industry. Our products are available for your OEM/ODM customizations. Just tell us what you need and our staff of engineers will have your samples delivered in less than 30 days. Due to our consistent high product quality and reasonable price structures, our products have won popularity among clients around the world. If you have any further product inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Standard Suppliers

  • Jinzheng Company

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock tanks ( Metal storage tanks), micropore cylindrical filter cartridges, storage tanks, piping accessories.

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Shanghai Ruidan Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock Tank, sanitary valves, pipe fittings and the equipment of these partition liquid systems such as food, dairy food, juice, ice cream, drink, big transfusion, liquid injection, biological product, oral liquid, Chinese herbal medicine, blood products, fine chemical engineering, etc..

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Jingjiang Industry Enamel Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock tanks, class I and II pressure vessels and glass lined equipments, 50L-20000L glass lined reactors, tanks, distillation systems, 100L-5000L SS reactors, P-2, P-1, P-0.5 disk condensers, thermometer casings, discharge valves, non standard pipes, adapters(3-way, 4-way), fittings, pipe reducers, chemical pump valves, GFRP valves, boiler fittings. Obtained ISO9001-2000. The products find a good sale in such Southeast Asia areas as Taiwan, Thailand, India, etc..

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Ningbo Zhonghao Compressor Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock tanks, oil free air compressors, small oil free reciprocating piston air compressors, ark noiseless air compressors, oxygen and nitrogen air compressors etc. IS09001:2000 certifications.

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Kaiyuan Chemical Machine Co., Ltd.

    Kaiyuan Chemical Machine, Inc. (Chemical plant kaiyuan machine) was established in Shenyang in 1949. We are on major projects for the management of chemicals before. In 1904, we were the first batch that the institution obtain a license to design and manufacture of pressure vessel type 1,2,3, and we also obtained a license to manufacture a and b) parts of the pressure and the degree of license determine GB of pressure pipe line. In 2000, and we got the quality system certification ISO9001. We ship as a standard non-manufactured in China. We mainly produce Metal Stock ( storage) tanks, pulp boilers, bleaching boilers, rubber sulfuration tanks, heat exchangers, tower, magnetic force drive reaction tanks, filler sealing reaction tanks, CO2 supercritical extractive equipments, ammonia synthetic...

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Wuxi Yiyao Huagong Rongqi Zhizhao Company

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock Tank, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine, food ferment, dyestuffs, metallurgy, light textile, special purpose complete sets. Obtained ZDHY quality management system certification.

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Wuxi Haijiang Drying Completed Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock Tank, drying, mixing and granulation equipment. Obtained UKAS、ISO9001.

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

  • Yixing Qiaosheng Environment Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Metal Stock Tank, environmental protection water treatment equipment.

    Profile : Metal Stock Tank

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