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    A leading and good reputable exporter, importer and compounder in Engineering Plastic field. Prochase Enterprise, established in 1992, has been not only compounding many multi functional engineering plastics and elastomers base on the cusomters requirements but also playing an international trading service role to seek for and offer materials what customers request. We also accept the OEM and ODM in all kinds of plastics for the global customers, Prochase Co. is your best option!

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    ZHILI TPE COMPANY is the second largest manufacturer/supplier/exporter of the SEBS in Taiwan since 1980. Our products are widely used in various industrial sectors to make their final products such as Hardware, Hand Tools, Medical Components, Sporting Goods, Bicycle Parts, Bathroom Accessories, Household Articles, …., and etc. For decades in the field of SEBS, we have a professional R&D group pouring their effort with nonstop research, innovation, and breakthrough technology to develop high-quality, good stability, environmentally friendly products.

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  • Taipol SEBS
    High molecular SEBS base materials (powder), for compounding plant use, they can create few tons of SEBS pellet after compounding composite. For grip, hand bar, toy, electronic coating, sporting goods, high tensile strength and elongation elastomer.

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