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    Jumbo Steel Machinery Co., Ltd., is a leading and professional manufacturer of straws bending & packing machines such as slitting machines, PP & PET strapping band machines, Flexible Straw, suction hose making machine, PVC heat shrink film machine, plastic extrusion machine, stretch film, and so on. For a close look at machine image and specification. We will be strict to our quality of product standard in order to make customer have good right. Besides, we also provide excellent service to our customer. We guarantee we must make you satisfy with our product and service. Furthermore, we look forward to searching a good business partner. If you are interested, please feel free to contact with us or you can email to us.

Standard Suppliers

  • Nanjing Marrow Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Flexible straws, Flexible Straw single auto packing machines, U-shape tetra-pack Flexible Straw auto packing machines, spiral strip Straw extruders, medical pipe & pen refill extruders, normal speed Flexible Straw auto making machines, normal speed Flexible Z-Straw auto making machines, high speed Flexible Straw auto making machines, long whorl Flexible Straw (artistic pipe) making machines, spoon Straw auto making machines, drinking Straw single auto packing machines, Ⅰ-shape tetra-pack Straw auto packing machines, telescope straight Straw(T-Straw)making and packing machines, multiple straws auto packing machines, medical cotton pipe auto packing machines, factory automation manufacture devices.

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  • Nanjing Success Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Flexible straws, Flexible drinking Straw auto making machines, drinking Straw making machines, special pipe extruders, drinking Straw packing machines, industry autoimmunization manufacturing devices, industry autoimmunization packing machines, industry autoimmunization conveyors, industry autoimmunization devices, system in production lines.

    Profile : flexible straws

  • Qingdao Shdal Packing Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Flexible straws, straight straws, pearl milk & tea straws, jumbo plastic drinking straws.

    Profile : flexible straws

  • Quanzhou Fengze Huadong Plastic Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Flexible straws, drink straws, plastic packaging, PVC bag, box, blister covers, pp sticks for lollypop, straws for drinks.

    Profile : flexible straws

  • Hossem Int'l Trade Corp.

    Manufacturer of Flexible straws, Flexible drinking straws, drinking straws, straight drinking straws, color drinking straws, sharp tip drinking straws, colored stripes drinking straws, U-shape Straw series, spoon straws, broad drinking straws, decoration drinking straws, artistic drinking straws, special straws, drinking Straw dispensers.

    Profile : flexible straws

  • Nanjing Pride Technology Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Flexible straws, drink straws, film wrapper suckers, straight suckers, double festival suckers, coffee stirring rod sticks, z curved suckers, bucket suckers.

    Profile : flexible straws

  • Everglory Int'l Trading Co., Ltd.

    It is a joint venture founded by Chinese and American business people which focuses on exporting various foods and food related household products from China, with a mission to promote Chinese dining culture and food products to global market. It mainly dealing food related household products which covers forks, knives, spoons, cups, lids, straws, trays, packaging materials, aluminum foil bags, hermoplastic films, printed Flexible packaging films, bags, pouches, freezer bags, pizza boxes, tablewares, soup bowls, baking plates, glass made cutting boards, pizza pans.

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