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    Yung Li Hsing Electric Works Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 and specializes in developing bench grinder, motors, Outdoor Lighting, bandsaws, etc. Then we gradually engage in producing DIY tools, and focuses on marketing European and USA market. In 1978, to fulfill the business increasing demand, another new plant was established in Lilin Industrial Area, Tanzi District, Taichung City. From then on, new products such as belt & disc sander, band saw, solar lights …have been marketing worldwide. If you are looking for a reliable Outdoor Lighting supplier, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Products Catalog

  • Solar Lawn Lamps
    1. Solar panel: 0.8Wp monocrystalline silicon. 2. Battery: 6V 5000mAh Ni-H. 3. Lamp: LED. 4. Control system: controlled by light and time. 5. Working time: 8 hours.
  • LED Street Lights
    1. Applications: from minor roads to city streets and for amenity or security Lighting. 2. Excellent thermal management. 3. Ultra-High-Power LEDs with safe junction temperature. 4. Wattages: 60W, 68W, 80W. 5. Lumen Maintenance (without secondary optics): 1) SL- 80W: 5,715 lm. 2) SL- 68W: 3,675 lm.
  • LED Tunnel Lights
    1. Maximum demission: 600 x 290 x 200 mm3. 2. IP65. waterproof for rain, not for soaking. 3. Constant current circuit design. 4. Cool beams with no UV or IR radiation. 5. Long lifespan and energy saving. 6. High efficiency of heat sinking. 7. Applications: led tunnel light/spot light for tunnel, park, billboard, street, tunnel, parking lot, garden, factory, and wall washing.
  • Streetlights
    ZGSM LLD series high power LED street lights are designed for use in city streets, municipal roadways, bridges, housing projects, public parks, parking lots, yards and gardens, and other settings with needs for high-brightness general illumination during the night time. All of ZGSMs long life LED luminaires are designed to meet the most demanding specification criteria while offering maximum energy savings, reduced maintenance costs, and a superior quality of light.
  • Architectural Street Lights
    1. Body: made of die-cast aluminum alloy, finished with polyester pouder coat. 2. Diffusers: made of polycarbonate.
  • Architectural Street Lights
    1. Body: made of die-cast aluminum alloy, finished with polyester pouder coat. 2. Diffusers: made of polycarbonate.
  • LED Garden Lamps
    LED garden lamp is of high efficient Lighting source, easy installation, stability and reliable security. Independent casing design with delicate structure, as well as long lifespan, excellent colour displaying, energy saving, eco-friendly, high stability, low Lighting decline and soft light completely match with purpose of the environment protection and energy saving. LED garden lamp is mainly applied in residental districts, industrial areas, green regions and plazas, footpaths, villas, parks, yards and ect. for Lighting and bright decoration. It obviously improves the residental environment and quality. In the daytime, garden lamp can be used for interspersing scenery, and at night, it not only offers necessary illumination, but also highlight the nocturne with splendent style. The modern...
  • LED Tennis Lights
    LED tennis lamp is specially designed for the international standard tennis court 95% floodlighting concentrates on the court for competetion, and the rest 5% is applied for accessorial illumination. With less than 70°elevation angle design, it reduces glaring effects to athletes. LED tennis lamp is widely used in standard tennis court or other locations where mixed Lighting effects are need.
  • LED Street Lights
    1. Voltage: 85-265 AC. 2. Lum: 90lm/w. 3. Life time: 50000 hours. 4. Dispersion degree: 120 degree.
  • LED Flexible Neons
    LED flexible neon is produced with unique technology by using special PVC and super bright diode(LED), which makes continuous Lighting effects like glass neon. It is widely used recently and has been an ideal substitute for traditional glass neon by combining advantages of long lifespan, energy saving, low voltage safety, fruitful colors, superhigh brightness, solid state and cool light source, green environmental protection, flexibility of plastic tube light, easy installation, impact resistance and unbroken, easy transportation, waterproof and anti-UV, and so on. It brings a revolutionary breakthrough to ordinary plastic tube light which never achieves continuous linear Lighting effects until now.

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