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    Established in 1982, Garter has become a world-famous Inflation Machine company in the bag making industry. With our rich experience and expertise, we are able to provide a variety of quality whole-plant equipment/machinery such as PP flat yarn making Machine, circular loom, double side lamination machines, roll to roll printing press, Inflation Machine, auto heat cutting & sewing m/c, Inflation Machine, cement bag making machinery, PE tarpaulin equipment and so on. Due to unbeatable and durability, our machinery has been exported to East South Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa. No matter now or in the future, we will continue to bring the best products and service forward to our customers. Please contact us for more.

Standard Suppliers

  • Venus Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Venus Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. Founded In 1999, Is Specialized In Design And Manufacture Of Extruders. Since The Production Of Our First Extruder Machine, We Have Been Dedicating To The Research And Development Of High Performance. The Features And Competitive Advantages of Our Products Can Be Listed As Following: Excellent And High Quality Control. In Our Company, We Have An Over 25-Year Experienced Designer Who Had Been Working With Machinery Company Before For Design Full Range Of Machinery. Base On The Outstanding Acknowledgement Of Extruding Machine, Which Has Enabled Us To Self Designed A Series Of High Efficiency Automatic Machinery To Incorporate With High Performance Machine For Completing A High Production Manufacturing Line. With Innovation And Breakthrough, Incorporated...

Products Catalog

  • HDPE High Speed Inflation Machines ( Economical E Type  )
    Equipped: 1. Take up - unit: fixed type. 2. Winder: manual type bobbin change.
  • LD And LLD PE Super High Speed Inflation Machines
    KS - FLL100A LD/LLDPE Super high-speed Inflation Machine, high capacity, high efficiency for PE shrinking film and agricultural & industrial film.
  • Polypropylene High Speed Inflation Machines
    Specialty for making PP film which applicated: stationary, album, garment packaging, food packaging, flower packaging and other transparent packing bags.
  • PP High Speed Inflation Machines
    1. Suited for PP material inflaiton. 2. The screw and barrel are precision manufactured from SACM-1 alloy steel, hardened and nitrogen treated. 3. 8 point temperature control. 4. The rotary die ensures maximum uniformity of film thickness. 5. Production speed up to 90 kg per hour. 6. Die head can be rotated 360 degree.
  • Two-Layer And Three Layer Co-Extrusion High Speed Inflation Machines
    Two-layer/three layer co-extrusion high speed Inflation Machine with computer control system. Special optional device can be added to the Machine: such as vertical type or horizontal type, oscillating take-up unit, thickness measurement, width control system, internal bubble cooling system (Made in USA), or gravemetric dosing unit and so on.
  • Two Layers Inflation Machines
    GARTER can provide precise Two Layers Inflation Machine.
  • Three Layers Co Extrusion High Speed Inflation Machines
    Three layer co - extrusion Inflation Machine: 1. Gravimetric dosing unit (Germany made). 2. IBC computer control system (U.S.A. Made). 3. Horizontal type oscillating take - up unit. 4. Two layers co - extrusion Inflation Machine is also available.
  • Two Layer/ Three Layer Co  Extrusion High Speed Inflation Machine
    Ks - Cfll50+55t three layer co - extrusion Inflation Machine. (1) Horizontal type oscillating take - up unit. (2) Two station FWC standard automatic surface type winder. (3) Edge position control. (4) Electronic tension control. (5) Unloading device.
  • Three Layers Co Extrusion High Speed Inflation Machines
    1. Loss in weight gravimetric dosing unit (Germany made). 2. Automatic thickness profile controller (Germany made). 3. IBC computer control system (U.S.A. made). 4. Non - contact thickness profile measurement with 360 degree oscillating rail (Germany made). 5. Width measurement (Germany made). 6. Central position control. 7. Horizontal oscillating take - up unit. 8. Back to back FWCS luxury automatic surface type winder with cranes for air shaft. 9. Two-layer co-extrusion Inflation Machine is available.
  • High Speed PP Inflation Tubular Film Making Machines
    1. Gear box of new design for stepless control by vs motor or inverter which depend on customer request. 2. Screw and barrel made of special steel with nitrating treatment, grinding, and hard chrome plating, which durable for long time rotation. 3. Rotary spiral die which hard chrome plated with new design air ring for produce the tubular film of even thickness and high clarity, core-less winder is available for customer request.

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