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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
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    With over 20 years experience in the production of woodworking and metalworking machinery, Trupro Internatioanl Ltd. has become one of leading enterprises in Taiwan. Our products includes 4 side moduler, band saw, Panel Saws, boring machine, wood crusher, chisel mortiser, devetailer, dust collector, scroll saw, tenoner, etc. By offering a comprehensive product range we find our customers are very pleased to consolidate their orders to take advantage of the freight benefits. Our range of heavy- duty wood processing machines have found a steady market in North America and Europe and are very well accepted for their quality and reliability. CE and CSA standards are available for most of machines we sell on customer's request.

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Since 1965, CHUNG KUNG Machinery Factory has specialized in the manufacture of woodworking machinery. The first machinery production includes Jointers, Thicknessers, Chisel Mortisers, Band Saws, and Table Saws. We started to manufacture CNC machinery in 1984. Furthermore, in 2007, we began to transform into a professional manufacturer and exporter to sell machinery in line with customer needs or customize woodworking machinery and equipment. In 2017, we began to work with Japan SHODA, and sell its CNC machinery and diamond tools. CHUNG KUNG Machinery Factory is committed to promoting high-quality machinery and equipment, such as Panel Saws and metal/wood bandsaw, etc. We hope to fulfill the global customers’ demands to further enhance the quality of customers’ own products.

Products Catalog

  • JIH-30 L Panel Saws: Horizontal Sawing Machines
    Suitable for cutting various materials: Aluminum, brass, heart dissipation pieces, PVC, plastic steel, bakelite, acrylic plastic, Teflon, honeycomb board, wood and other non-ferrous metals.
  • Panel Saws
    Many workshops are just not large enough to handle full size panels. Here's the solution. Your own Panel saw. Just slide the Panel into place, adjust for position and cut. It leans against the wall and stands only 2 feet out from it. Fasten it in place for added safety. Use your standard circular saw as the cutter. Kit includes all aluminum extrusions and hardware to make what you see here.
  • Auto Copy Inner Shaping Machine
    This machine is a breakthrough from traditional manual inner shaping processes. The working speed is as high as a NC copying machine, but with a more economical price. It reduces initial investment and production costs. Suitable for inner shaping of square, round and irregular workpieces, such as toilet seat covers, clock shells, picture frames and similar products.
  • 8" Middle Duty 4-Side Moulder
    Preloaded spindle bearings assembled with fine craftsmanship to ensure precision cutting performance. Additional feed rollers make feeding problem stock easy. A specally designed gear box provides high torque output,accurate transmission and a long service life. COMPREHENSIVE SAFETY FEATURES: -Circuit will break if the cutterhead is touched. -The photocell sensor detects elevation of the entire feeding mechanism. -The end switch allows for convenient machine running tests. Anti-rust treatment for the machine frame. Table surface is hardened,precision ground. Wear resistant alloy steel table inserts are provided at bottom spindles. Entire table surface is hard-chome plated for wear resistance. All spindle adjustments are by universal jointer for easy and precise abjustment.
  • Panel Saws
    1. Sawblade motor: 13HP. 2. Saw carriage feed motor: 2HP. 3. Auto feed motor: 1kw. 4. Auto Panel feed speed: 0-30 M/min. 5. Saw carriage feed speed: 15, 20, 25 M/min. 6. Working air presure: 5.5- 6 kg/cm2. 7. Air consumption: 35- 40 l/min. 8. Dust suction speed: 20- 25 m3/sec. 9. Main sawblade diameter: 14"/ 16". 10. Scoring sawblade diameter: 180cm. 11. Main sawblade arbor: 1". 12. Scoring sawblade arbor: 1".
  • P25 / P25 (CE) Panel Saw (Sliding Table Saw)
    1. OAV's smart Panel saw offers more than others. 2. It is outstanding for its cutting quality, capacity and flexibility in everyday use. 3. Where there is limited space and yet high quality requirements, OAV's smart Panel saw is ideal.
  • Sliding Panel Saws
    1. Main and scoring saw blades ensure tear-free cutting. 2. Durable extruded aluminum slide provides extremely smooth traverse. 3. Large handle for effortless cutting operations. 4. Cast iron main table. Table surface is precision ground. 5. Quick clamp on sliding table. 6. Durable plastic blade guard.
  • P305 / P305 CE Panel Sawing Machines
    1. User friendly adjusting design for main saw blade and scoring saw blade. 2. Single motor for main blade and scoring unit, independent motor is as option. 3. Solid cast iron main table with precisely milled machining for smoothly cutting. 4. Strong powder coated sheet metal extension with reliable accuracy.

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