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    As a world famous Screen Print Equipment company, Smooth Machinery focuses on designing, developing and manufacturing a series of Screen Printing Machine. With 30 more years experiences and many patents in this field, we supply high performance and user-friendly machinery to meet customers' demands. Our Silk Screen Printing Equipments not only full-automatic Printing station positioning but also independent servo drive pneumatic Printing head squeegee auto adjustable are available. Most important is the dryer can choose UV or Patent circuit tunnel heat dryer can bewidest application for almost all kind of materials to overcome shrinkage, fissure problem at the most economical way. All of our Machines have passed the evaluation of CE certification. We hope to cooperate with you sincerely!

Golden Suppliers

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    3G International Ltd. has its facilities in China. Our excellent engineers have accumulated abundant experience; is our competitive edge. We devoted ourselves to provide good quality products for our customers. Our products, which include graphic overlay, FPC, membrane switches, Screen Printing Machines, silicon rubber keypads, touch panel, and FPC. These components are applied to medical, dental, and electronics industry equipments. All of material of our products coheres with ROHS. We expect to create a win-win profit between customers and 3G International Ltd. This is the only faith in making us become one of the best designer and supplier in the industry technology field.

Silver Manufacturers

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    Chin Her Machinery Works was established in 1976 and specializes in the design, develop and manufacturing Screen Printing machinery and peripheral equipments. Through more than three decades' accumulation and innovation, we have created a series of precision Screen printers equipment, such as Fully Automatic Screen Printing Machine, large format Screen Printing equipment, Roll Screen Printing Machines, glass Screen Printing machine, etc. Our aim is to supply highest quality Machines with an outstanding services, on-time delivery and appropriate prices. We are confident to satisfy you to fulfil your requirement. Please feel free to contact with Chin Her Machinery as soon as possible. Email us for further details of our Screen Printing Machines.
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    Since establishment in 1975, Ming Yng Machinery Works Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer who specializes in garment and textil machinery manufacturing. One of our main product is rotary Screen Printing machine. The characteristics of our Screen Printing Machines are durable, sturdy and precision Printing that is the best for all kinds of knitted woven of natural, synthetic or blended fibers "Covertechnology research, self products promotion to worldwide market" are our striving objectives. We would be happy to assist you in growing your business via our machinery & service. If you need any further information about Screen Printing Machines, please contact us any time!

Standard Suppliers

  • Rui'an City Donghai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Ruian Donghai Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a special enterprise manufacturer trademark, being one of memberships of China Printing Technology Associantion. With abundant experiences and strong technical strength, we have researched the products of intermittent Printing machine, flexo Printing machine, Screen Printing equipment and die cutting etc. The products are sold well all over the world, such as America, England, Turkey, Russia, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Thailand etc. and have passed ISO 9001:2000 International Quality Management System Verfication & CE Verification. For many years, we have got high popularity with its premium quality and excellent credibility, we have created large efficiency for the society. Facing the changeable market,...
  • Shanghai Electric Printing & Packaging Machinery Group.

    Shanghai Electric Printing & Packaging Machinery Group ( SPPM ) is one of the largest Printing & packaging machinery manufacturers and exporters in China. As the leader in this field in China, we produce all kinds Machines for Printing and packaging with the state-of-the-art technology, such as sheet fed offset press, Screen Printing Machines, special Printing press, paper sutting machine, die cutting and hot stamping machine, binding machine, packaging machine, paperboard & carton machine, plastic machine, bag making machine and so on. We always supply our client the best production because we have hot the ISO9000 certificate and many products are with CE and UL certification. We also supply our best service after sales. Now our markets cover more than 80 countries and regions all over the...

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  • Shanghai Kingprinter Silk Screen Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Shanghai Kingprinter Silk Screen Equipment Co., Ltd. is one professional enterprise on designing, making and selling of special Printing equipments and Printing consumptive materials. Rely on the strong support of the hong kong general headquarter, subsidiary factory of taiwan, and combine the advantages of talents in shanghai, our high-quality products and service have moved towards the whole country, and find a good sale in some country in europe and southeast asian. We know very well that the modern enterprise people's preciousness of time, so we put emphasis on offering one station type service for our customers. We not only offer our customers silk Printing Machines, pad Printing equipment, hot stamping Machines, but also pneumatic Screen stretching Machines, frame treatment machine Printing...

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Products Catalog

  • Roll to Roll WEB-FED Screen Printing Machines
    This is specially-designed web-fed Screen Printing machine for flexible stock, both transparent and non-transparent, in rolls such as: diffuser, FPC, Paper, Transfer Paper, Stickers, OPP, PVC, Mylar, PC, PET, Plastic Leather, Aluminum Foil and so on. These can be used for the following products: 1. Heat transfers. 2. Electronics-FPC (Flexible Circuits),Membrane Switch,IMD and Diffusers etc. 3. Specialized labels for UL/CSA,wine and liquor bottles, cosmetics and shampoo bottles, as well as industrial, toy, automotive, compact disc and video products. 4. Nameplates and graphic overlays.
  • Precise Clamshell PCB Screen Printing Machines With Auto Belt Take-Off
    1. Printing speed controlled by German SEW motor with reducer gear and safety brake ,non-stage control the Printing speed from 75mm/s~500mm/s, the squeegee and flooder can be two different. 2. The printer can be preset to be 2 times continuous Printing. 3. Adopting high sensitive constant pressure device to keep the squeegee pressure constant. After pressure setting, the irregular of thickness of substrates can be offset by the device to make best Printing result. 4. Feature of synchronous off-contact structure. The frame lifts synchronously following the print track. No Shade, deformation and sticky Screen for the ink of different viscosity or for the Screen with different tensions. Adopt the German-made HOERBIGER cylinder most suitable to high precision Printing. 5. Machine arms...
  • Mechanical Clam-Shell Flat Screen Printers
    1. Suitable for flat-surfaced Screen Printing on substrate in film/sheet/board form made of non-deforming materials. 2. Applied to the frame up / down and Printing stroke is the advanced electric transmission system, Micro-adjustment knobs for X/Y registration, easy to operate.
  • High Precision Table Sliding Screen Printing Machines
    Apply to high quality Printing / non-deforming materials Printing. Outstanding design / quality components / constant Printing pressure / Printing stroke free setting / table vacuuming & blowing / auto take-off connect to dryer / complete Printing functions / PLC controller / Screen frame lifting / micro adjustment.
  • Large Format Four-Post Screen Printing Machines
    1. Apply to large colorful ads, poster, vertical image POP, truck or bus body poster Printing. 2. This machine was improved from jumbo table sliding type, appliacable frame height, space saving, complete Printing functions, PLC controller.
  • Roll to Roll WEB FED Screen Printing Machines
    1. User-friendly PC based control combined with touch Screen monitor for maximum operation convenience. 2. The Printing head is raised vertically for convenient access to Screen and squeegee. 3. Vacuum suction table for efficient workpiece fixing, with blow back function. 4. The squeegee mechanism has a pressure stabilizer ensuring constant pressure at all times. 5.Automatic tension control. 6. Aluminum alloy machine frame ensures high stability and no deformation. 7. Safety guard with CE standard provides extra safety for the operator and machine. 8. Winding and unwinding use airshaft to prevent slippage, and include advanced web guide for precision and neatness. 9. The take up roller features vacuum suction, ensuring smooth film surface and proper film tension at all times. 10. Winding...
  • Clam-Shell Belt Take-Off Flat Screen Printers For Glass Only
    1. For glass only clam-shell belt take-off flat Screen printers + lighting inspection tables + IR dryers. 2. Applications: protecting glass of liquid crystal tv, protecting glass of plasma TV, kitchenware glass, electric appliance glass, mobile glass, furniture glass, etc.
  • Pneumatic Mini Curve Screen Printers
    Sulitable for curve-surfaced Screen Printing on substrate in cylindrical, conical, oval shape made of non-deforming materials. Same standard features equipped, Screen moves leftward for Printing, with additional X-axis registration adjustment & transmission cog bar.
  • T Shirt Printing Machines
    1. Eliminating conventional boards of wood or aluminum, this unit employs a specially designed bakelite shirt board to fully overcome warp problems. 2. Manually operated. 3. Six-color screens are continuously driven and curately positioned by a rotary disk. 4. Use in conjunction with a flash dryer to greatly increase the impression of the printed image. 5. The adoption of an air cylinder, instead of a spring, ensures smooth operations. 6. One operator can print continuously up to 6 substrates on one machine. 7. Screen can be micrometrically adjusted both quickly and accurately for efficient Printing. 8. The units are excellent for Printing knitting, textile garments and piece goods.
  • Clam-Shell 3/4 Automatic Flat Screen Printers With Belt Take-Off
    Suitable for Printing non-deforming flat substrates in film, sheet and board forms. Motor-driven transmission / with belt take off unit to connect with dryer / squeegee and flood coater are adjustable with different speeds/Printing stroke free setting / pneumatic Printing head lifting / adjustable squeegee angle / synchronously peel off / honey comb Printing table / table surface with hard chrome /Table with XY axis micro adjustment / Printing head stops at either front or rear / PLC control.
  • Curved Screen Printing Machines
    This printer is ideal for Printing cylindrical or curved products such as drums,cans,bottles,etc. 1. Precise multi-color Printing through synchronized transmission of ar and rack with the use of proper workpiece holder,iginal patterns are accurately reproduced. 2. The substrate holder may be adjusted to meet substrate variation,d micrometric adjusted in forward right/left, tilting direction,accurate squeegee positioning. 3. The Screen is vertically positioned to prevent ink overflow from the side,d to give lower ink consumption. 4. Superior shock absorbing system provides precise and stable operations multi-color Printing.
  • Jumbo Table Sliding 3/4 Automatic Screen Printing Machines
    1. Jumbo table sliding 3/4 automatic Screen Printing Machines: applications for Screen-Printing of large-format poster, POP, bus & truck ads, plastic and metallic plates, ect. 2. All the critical electrical, mechanical and penumatic parts are imported and applied for high precision work. CE certified components promise a reliable quality and durable working.
  • 3/4 Clam-Shell Screen Printing Machines
    Apply to soft circuit board / membrane switch / copper foil circuit / transfer paper / sticker / wrapper / partial varnishing / plastic board / non-deforming materials, etc.
  • CNC Full Automatic Continuous Rolling Screen Printing Machines
    1. The machine is specially designed with solid and precise structure; stable, durable and less vibration. 2. Adop the CNC full-automatic computer system control and photoelectric sensors making exact registering without error. 3. Can reduce 4/5 wastes than conventional Screen Printing machine. 4. The speed of Printing is 4 times faster than of conventional Screen Printing machine. 5. Equipped with electronic counter for counting output quantity. 6. With automatic stopping & warning device for lacking of feeding and improper Printing. 7. The squeegee can be used to and for two times or more. 8. The machine may be adjusted to semi-automatic for Printing products of single sheet such as : PC boards, wooden boards etc. 9. Less noise, easy adjustment and operation, labor saving.
  • Roll to Roll WEB-FED Screen Printing Machines
    This is specially-designed web-fed Screen Printing machine for flexible stock, both transparent or non-transparent, in rolls such as: paper, transfer paper, stickers, OPP, PVC, mylar, PC, PET, plastic leather, aluminum foil and so on. These can be used for the following products: 1. Heat transfers. 2. Specialized labels for UL/CSA, wine and liquor bottles, cosmetics and shampoo bottles, as well as industrial, toy, automotive, compact disc and video products. 3. Electronics-backlight panels, toy, automotive, compact disc and video products. 4. Nameplates and graphic overlays.
  • Screen Printing Machines
    Features: 1. Machine is easy to operate and use the HMI and touch Screen setting. 2. Adjustable squeegee traveling and control by servo motor. 3. Its suitability for various kinds of special Printing materials. For example, Polyester, PVC, aluminum foils-etc. 4. Machine works in-line with every model or it also can be used independently. 5. Easy operation and it can reduce the loss of Printing material. 6. Easy to maintenance. The structure of machine is made out of one piece with everlasting precision. 7. The inking knife can adjust angle according to Printing product. 8. Machine including a function is raise plate automatic. 9. The frame use the pneumatic style automatic positioning. 10. The machine design includes the angle adjustment of frame around adjustment.

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