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    Tong Geng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is one of leading Fabric Dyeing Machines enterprises also of high and new technology enterprise. ISO9001-2000 System certified and fully under informatization management. We are keeping on researching, developing, and innovating the most advanced products and services for our customers, our trained professional team and qualified products has been doing our best to reach the unchanged goal of building and remaining the nicest long-term relationship with our customers. Punctual delivery and top quality at competitive price are our guarantee. We always keep innovation, perfect quality, reasonable price and prompt delivery in mind to meet customers' needs. Welcome to our website to get more information about our Fabric Dyeing Machine.

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  • Yarn Dyeing And Finishings
    1. Save energy and resources. Low liquor ratio design; greatly reduce the requirement for water treatment, cooling water, steams, chemicals, dyestuffs and electric power. Heating rate from 25℃~140℃ is at 30min, cooling rate from 140℃~80℃ is at 20min. 2. Wide application: The Machine can accomplish various treatments such as bleaching, Dyeing and scouring. 3. Special pump design: Pump is centrifugal type with high lifting head and large flow rate. 4. Easy and safe operation: The door entrance uses automatic air cylinder operation. The Dyeing process is set automatically into the controller. Auto or semi-auto is available for users. Easy for operation.
  • Fabric Dye machines
    1. Low liquor ratio, high running speed, fast Dyeing system: For 100% cotton, lowest liquor ratio is 1:5, running at high fabric speed (max. speed can be 450 m/min). Reduce the cycle time to achieve economic Dyeing and reduce cost. Suitable for all kinds of high quality 100% cotton, rayon, wool with Lycra fabric, etc. 2. Low tension, full flow piping device: Overflow nozzle with very low pressure (min. 0.2 bar), reduce the fabric tension, pilling & yarn sliding. Full flow guiding pipe increase fabric saturation time for more even color shade and crease free for high quality Dyeing. Adjustable nozzle for variety of fabric, weight between 50 ~ 500 g/m2. 3. Patent inner plate design, versatile plaiting device: Inside the chamber with “W” shaped patent design and a self rotating chamber....
  • Fabric Dyeing Machines
    1. HEF extreme rapid high temperature & high pressure Dyeing Machine is designed to save energy, man power, chemicals, time and space. Suitable for woven or knitted fabrics: N100%, T100%, T/C, N+OP, T+OP, CVC, T/R, N/C and N/T. Also micro fiber fabrics like TRICOT, poly-peach skin,micro suede and jacquard. 2. Low liquor ratio, energy efficient design. Chamber is specially designed to reduce the water consumption when Dyeing. Inner plate is patent design with special w-shaped corrugated floor. Fabric is flowing unhindered in its circulating cycle without need of large motor pump,saving electricity cost. Liquor ratio is 1:5 ~ 7. 3. Fabric flow control system, smooth fabric flow. Fabric flow control design, the fabric is fold up in a regulated, tangle free manner. No need of large liquid...
  • Fabric Dyeing Machines
    1. Lowest liquor ratio, high running speed, fast Dyeing system: The lowest liquor ratio 1 : 4 running at high fabric speed (max. speed can be m/min.) reduce cycle time, fast Dyeing for economical energy & reduce cost, suitable for all kind of knitted or woven fabric & differint kind material EX, polyester, nylon, aceylic, high quality cotton 100%, rayon, wool with lycra, T/C, etc. 2. Special foaming collector & fast rinsing system: The foaming natural into foaming collector and seperarewith fabric, it can be protect fabric float to tangling and forming dirty problems. With level rinsing, overflow rinsing by time or cooling water recycle rinsing / CCR (option), reduce total cycle time (min. about 5hrs for dark color), reduce energy and lowest cost. 3. Lowest tension, full flow...
  • Fabric Dyeing Machines
    ROR rapid high temp high pressure, full flow & lowest liquor ratio fabric drying Machine- 1. Unique self rotating chamber: Inside the chamber with “W” shaped patent design and a self rotating chamber. This unique design provides a smooth and a regular fabric cycle.Greatly reduces the energy required (saves the power over 30%). Has lowest liquor ratio with 1:4, running at high fabric speed (max. speed at 600 m/min). Suitable for all kinds of knitted or woven fabrics and different kinds of fibers e.g. polyester, nylon, acrylic, 100% high quality cotton, rayon and wool with Lycra, T/C, T/R… etc. 2. Low tension, full flow piping device: Overflow nozzle with very low pressure (min. 0.2 bar), reduce the fabric tension, pilling & yarn sliding. Full flow guiding pipe increase fabric saturation...
  • Dyeing Machines
    1. Product name: Dyeing Machine. 2. Product No.: CL-0201.
  • Fabric Dyeing Machines
    1. Unique design: Fast fabric flow, short cycle time required, low liquor ratio design. 2. Extensive applications: Suitable for high density textile such as twill, rayon, nylon, taffeta, tricot, R/T polyester, polyamide and micro-fiber. Suitable for special processing such as those for weight reducing, relaxing softening and winking. Fabric speed up to 600 m/min. 3. Easy operation: Controller is embedded with micro computer control, therefore operation is very simple. Fabric is folded equally in the chamber, simple operation without need to worry about rolling selvedge. 4. Precise speed control: The speed of the main reel can be controlled precisely, so the speed of the reel and the fabric is at a simultaneous pace, avoiding any usual flaws.
  • Rapid High Temp/Pressure Beam Fabric Dyeing Machines
    1. Design is based on the latest Dyeing Know-How and unique technology regarding to the optimized distribution of flow circulation, energy saving. 2. All parts coming in contact with processing liquor and under pressure are manufactured from special stainless steel SUS-316.
  • Inch Parts of Dyeing Machines
    1. Inner chain is separated into 12 parts, four 1200W 40K adjustable ultrasonic Machine, four filter pump. 2. Four strengthening tanks with stainless steel holders, tank plate thickness 105m/m (304). 3. Inner stainless steel sealing plate 1.2 m/m, iron plate of outer sealing plate 1.2 m/m.
  • Rapid High Pressure Cheese Dryer Machines
    1. Automatic control system: Automatic controlling for evenly drying, to avoid from excessive dryness. Greatly shortens the drying time required. 2. Easy and safe operation: The door entrance uses automatic air cylinder operation, safe with imple operation. 3. High production: Unique dehydrate and drying system. Greatly shortens the time required for drying. Hence, high production and at the same time provide high quality result.

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