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    May Shuay Technology Co., Ltd. was specialized in the design and manufacture of Seam Welding Machines. We seek for excellent quality, innovative research and development of products and good after sale services in the field on our machine. We have the capability and adaptability to meet and exceed the consistantly changing market. We have successfully sold our products to local market and welcome your comments and continuous support. Quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement are the responsibility of each May Shuay's employee. We would like to invite you to browse the product categories and learn more information. May Shuay always the well-known Welding Machine Manufacturer to be with you.

Standard Suppliers

  • Nanfang Machinery (Quanzhou) Development Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of can seamer, SWM series can body Welder, SPT series automatic hydraulic press, SVF series textile machine, SSF series CNC spring forming machine, SCS series diamond saw cables cutting machine. The company has been passed the ISO9001 verification. All the quality are under the control of this system.

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  • Jiangyin Bosj Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

    It is a professional manufacturer specializing in the developing and export of roll forming machine for metal roof tiles, wall sheets, C-shaped puline, Z-shaped purline, press brakes, highway guardrail and CNC plasma cutting machine. BOSJ has developed machinery and production methods to meet customers' increasing demand for profitability and new business opportunities. Our products cover more than 20 provinces and cities in China and are also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, African regions and North America.

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    Established in 1979, Dahching Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is an experienced Welding Machine manufacturer specializing in customized production of Resistance Welding Machines for custom applications such as: Spot Welding, Projection Welding, Seam Welding, and Flash Butt/Butt welding applications intertwined with Single Phase or Three Phase AC Inverters, DC Capacitor Discharge, and Three Phase Rectified DC current solutions with distinct welding penetration. Dahching is also capable of fabricating tailor-made welding machines that meet the specific demands of our valued customers. For example, we highly recommended our specialized Seam welding housing and cutting edge, energy saving Transformer. Last but not least, Dahching also offers high quality control and excellent after-sales services. ...

Products Catalog

  • Air-Pressure Automatic Seam Welders
    1. Use of IC electronic control, synchronous circuit, and the electric current is controlled by S.C.R. solid-state switch stageless adjustment. 2. Upper arm electrode brass can be adjusted 360o to weld accurately in horizontal and vertical requirement. Lower arm chrome electrode brass can be changed for application of both horizontal and vertical welding. 3. Power transmission is used of variable speed change so as to be adjusted for needed accurate speed, and the upper and low chrome electrode brass is designed for synchronous running in welding.
  • Heating Plate Seam Welders
    Features: 1. Welding appearance: very less hot warp and oxidation save the processing in follow-up steps. 2. Stability: less soldering tolerance conforms to JIS vehicle specifications. 3. Economy: the consuming parts such as copper-alloy electrode is very less, and power consumption is very less. 4. The operation cost is low. 5. The machine is adjustable to fit either thin or thick work piece. 6. Both continuous type and pulse type of electricity discharge are available. 7. Free of soldering scars: save a lot of time on polishing, soil-patching and coating on next processing steps. 8. High maneuverability: the machine can be operated soon after it is started. 9. Any ordinary technician can operate the machine.
  • Seam Welding Machines
    Pneumatic type Seam welders are designed for all circle welding applications. They can be used to weld tubes, cylinders, cones, flat sheets, sinks, tank shells, and open ended boxes. A wide variety of materials can be welded, including aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized, aluminized, and other materials. Features: 1. Applicable for all kinds of water and oil storage tanks. Finished products are without leakage problems due to seamless advantage. 2. Able to operate with TIG and MIG welding machine. 3. By using Argon air protection and black mark can be prevented effetely on the appearance. 4. Stable welding. Machine is especially designed for any circular objects. 5. The welding thickness is high for each stainless steel and it can increase working efficiency. 6. The wide range of...
What is a Seam Welder?

A seam welder is a device that utilizes a variation of the spot welding technique to weld continuous seams. Seam welders typically consist of two rotating wheels each forming a separate electrode with a gap between them. The workpiece sheets are pulled through this gap while an electric current is pulsed between the wheels. This electric pulse welds the two sheets together with an overlapping series of “spot” welds. Seam welders may melt the two workpieces together alone or use an additional wire or metal foil element to achieve various results.

Spot welding is a process of passing a momentary electric arc between two electrodes on opposite sides of the work piece. This causes the release of intense localized heat which melts the two materials together in a “spot.” In conventional spot welding where continuous, gap free welds are not required, these spots are regularly spaced according to job specifications. A seam welder uses the same technique but overlaps the spots, thereby creating a gap free, continuous welded seam.

The seam welder wheels used as electrodes are typically made of a copper alloy and mounted on spindles which allow them to rotate freely. They remain stationary in relation to the workpieces which are moved between them. A pulsed, high tension electric discharge is passed between the wheels at the point where they meet which melts the two pieces together. The intervals between pulses are calculated according to the speed at which the workpieces advance, thereby giving an overlapping series of spot welds.

source: Clear Answers for Common Questions

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