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    Smooth Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the Slitter Rewinder manufacturer for many years in Taiwan. We are the famous Slitter Rewinders manufacturer. The success of our business leadsus to develop further great concepts and products providing more fun for life. Good Quality and Excellent Service are Smooth's spirit and style. We always load with innovative and artistic ideas to produce various high tech products. Our strict QC procedure, rapid shipment service and ideal retail packaging always bring you wonderful sales. Smooth welcomes any custom-made specification. Please contact us any time for your projects.

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  • Double Shaft Slitter Rewinders
    1. Double overall axles adopt the control system of tension. 2. The tension establishing value can be done with the paper different adjustment. 3. It is more convenient for the design of this machine to make the customer's space use in order to the design not taking the space. 4. It can be in going on to divide a seat, can control and adjust at any time. 5. Can do the speed to adjust from the speed knob in speed. 6. But the implementation of single machine (there must be paper giving machine), can also connect and use in step in the printing machine or the special-purpose machine . 7. This machine is equipped with the length and number inductor. 8. It can make the number reach the establishing value machine to stop automatically to design specially. 9. It is a round knife from...
  • Slitter And Rewinders
    1. Can be connected on-line with main machine or working independently (SL-300C working independently only). 2. Equip on length and sheet amount sensors. Machine will stop automatically when setting amount is achieved. 3. Easy setting slitting knives no need to release then tighten by screws as other machine to avoid knives angle not proper cause material wastage & adjusting trouble or dangerous & damage due to operator forget to lock the screws. The knives position can be adjusted while slitting thanks to the smart device. 4. Air blower is accompanied with machine to blow away the web waste trim edge. Product shaft can be used for different diameter. 5. Adjustable Vacuum tension device to get clean trim tight roll. Unwind & rewind product shafts can rewind the printed roll...

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