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    Established in 1974, Di Chun Iron Work Co., Ltd., is a leading and professional manufacturer of machine parts such as power chucks, hydraulic cylinders, Soft Jaw, scroll chuck, finger chuck, through hole power chuck, rotary hydraulic cylinder, boring mill Jaw, hard jaws, Soft jaws, lathe chuck Jaw, and so on. We have owen products brand name of "Strong". Our power chucks are underwent a strictly quality control by our company, Di Chun Iron is well-known and trust by universal customer, if you have any desire to know further details about us, please refer to browse our website, and refer to our new Power Chucks products. We are looking forward to receiving your message. Welcome to visit our website and hope you could get the products which you are interested in or more information.

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    Chandox Precision Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1983. It is a professional manufacturer of serial products about chucks, such as hydraulic chucks, pneumatic chucks, Soft Jaw, steel body chucks, and so forth. We have been absorbed in marketing our products worldwide with our own brand, CHANDOX, or the ways of OEM. The three concepts of our company are Quality, Design and Manufacture. We make use of our well-equipped factory building to produce our serial products about chucks and other related accessories with the innovative and continuing improving manufacturing technologies. We always offer the best marketing services to meet all the requirements of our customers and achieve the mission of becoming an evergreen enterprise. Welcome to visit our website for more details.

Standard Suppliers


    Ton Fou, established in 1989, specialized in power chuck, collet chuck, rotary hydraulic cylinder, etc. 1989 Ton Fou was established, factory was located on Tung San Rd., Taichung. The products are large bore hollow hydraulic chuck and high speed hydraulic hollow cylinder. 1990 New product was launched and earn a high reputation in the marketplace. In order to extend our production, the factory was moved to Chung San Rd in Tai Pin City. 1996 Approved to CE-MARK certificate by AMTRI VERTAS. 1997 Obtain the excellent award of Taiwan Hydraulic & Pneumatic Association. The factory is expanding again and relocated to Pan I Rd In Tai Pin City. 1999 Approved with ISO 9002 quality certificate by U.K. AMTRI. 2001 Award "It's very best made in Taiwan" for chuck and cylinder. 2005 Approved...
  • Taiki Industrial Co., Ltd.

    TAIKI is the epitome of excellence in Taiwanese Soft Jaws and Accessories of Power Chuck manufacturing. It has set up a Broaching Machine and CNC Machine Center which can broach and drill the best quality castings and get perfect shapes. TAIKI has set up a new broaching machine and CNC machine center to offer unparalleled quality and perfect shapes to all customers. Started with humble beginnings in 1970s, today, TAIKI is the epitome of Taiwanese Chuck Jaws and Accessories of Power Chuck manufacturing excellence. With more than three and a half decades experience in the field, TAIKI is a customer driven organization with a reputation for high quality and precision Chuck jaws. We have various styles and sizes applied to a CNC lathe and their products suit most international popular brands....

    With experiences for more than 30 years in manufacturing precision accessories, Super Jaw Industry has become the name of high precision, high quality and high price-performance ratio. Super Jaw supplies first quality product and service to major machine tool manufactures not only in Taiwan, also China, Europe and America. In R&D, Super Jaw employs Solid Work® 3D software to tailor-make jig fixtures in order to fulfill customer's specific production request. In Sales, the technical consultation, pre-sales and after-sales service are also part of Super Jaw products. All inquiries concerning price or technical issues will be responded within the shortest time. In Marketing, Super Jaw introduces Ultra High Pressure Cleaning machine, offering a diversified and all-aspect service to customers. There...
  • JATO Precision Industries Inc.

    In 1981, JATO Precision Industries Inc. started out as a designer and manufacturer of collet chuck and power chuck. With the mission to provide tailor-made collet chuck and power chuck, JATO Precision has fulfilled customers' needs with its high accuracy collet chuck and power chuck for the past two decades. In recent years, JATO's power chuck technology has taken a leap from conventional power chuck to micro meter ones. With greater accuracy and higher speed, JATO's precision products take chucking operations to a higher level, making accuracy-critical applications and fragile part-clamping tasks possible. Along the way, JATO's unique designs have been patented in many countries, including Germany, United States, and Japan. And yet, JATO Precision didn't stop here. JATO keeps striving...
  • Matsumoto Machine Co., Ltd.

    MATSUMOTO MACHINE CO., LTD. is a manufacturer and sales of peripheral equipment for machine tools, Hydraulic chuck and 2 to 9 jaws and/or long stroke special chucking systems High speed High accuracy NC rotary table.

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