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    Apack Corporation is specialized in manufacturing and developing Vacuum Sealings Machine and other new related series. The company has accumulated abundant experiences of designing & producing by practice and blazing new trials in the past years. The company supplies supreme quality and complete after-sale service to local enterprises and abroad. In the future years, the company will develop much more and more best quality Vacuum Sealers to create brighter future sharing with you. We will keep excellent quality, good reputation continuously. Hope to receive precious ideas and suggestions from domestic and overseas' friends.

Products Catalog

  • Big Type Stainless Steel Vacuum Packaging Machines
    Employs a stainless steel Vacuum trough that has a large capacity. Durable and with a nice appearance, the unit is water resistant, suitable for freezing plants and damp areas. With a three-side-Sealing set, the unit can package multiple bags at a process. Crisp and fragile goods can be added to nitrogen after being vacuumed, no transformation assured after packaging.
  • Air-Sucking Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machines
    Description: 1. The Machine can approach the product for packaging, suitable for the Vacuum Sealing package of large instrument,heaving goods...etc. 2. The angles of air sucking device and Sealing seat are adjustable, suitable for packaging bags in different height. 3. The length of Sealing bar:800mm~2000mm. 4. The length of packaging bag can be over 3000mm. 5. Easy to operate Insert the Vacuum bag into air sucking device, put it flat on the Sealing seat, press the start switch, auto-Vacuum (N2 flushing), and Sealing will be finished at one time. 6. Adopt German high Vacuum pump, After vacuuming, it can prevent goods from moisture, metal from oxidation, and keep the meats and seafoods fresh.
  • Non Nozzle Type Vertical Vacuum Sealers
    Non-nozzle type Vacuum sealer is the newly product. It doesn't need a Nozzle, but, use a chamber to Vacuum the air out. It can make Vertical Sealing. Ideal for liquid and powder pouch Sealing. Can Vacuum & seal more bags once. Features: 1. Non nozzle. 2. Pump inside.-oil filling 3. Double side Sealing. 4. Hand operated. 5. Easy operation 6. Material used: alum. foil gusset type. 7. Available size: WVV-455T, WVV-605T
  • Automatic Continuous Vacuum Sealing and Packaging Machines
    Suitable for packaging frozen foods, hardware products and electronic items. Complete air-lost and automatic Sealing, suitable for the packaging of solid articles, adhesive items and liquids. Even water and oil can be tightly sealed.
  • Electronic Air-Sucking Vacuum Sealing & Packing Machines
    1. This Machine is made of stainless steel, it has a luster surface which will not be stained with dust and a dry pump for clean room. Saving power and low noise, this Machine can prevent damage of products due to excessive Vacuum. 2. This air type automatic Vacuum scaling Machine is easy to operate. 3. The height of the platform is adjustable for products of different sizes and specifications. 4. The Vacuum operation can be stopped timely depending on the tightness of products to be packed. It can prevent deformation of products at the first time of use and serve as the reference of the second adjustment. 5. The design of upper and lower heating of seals, double raised lines on the upper Sealing base, and the plain line on the lower Sealing base can ensure a tight Sealing...
  • Stainless Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealers
    Stainless Type Vacuum Sealer comes standard with a Vacuum Pump inside and a retractable Nozzle system made of stainless steel. This Machine offers an easier packaging and greater sustained Vacuum flow. It is made by metal construction with stainless steel will off a good service within many years. Operating by pressing down operation working table. Foot switch is available. Stainless Steel Body. 1. Intelligent control panel. 2. 20 programs 3. Sensor/timer function changeable. 4. Gas; count functions available. 5. Warning device for Sealing wire interrupting electricity. 6. Protecting device for Sealing bar when over temp. 7. minum made Sealing bar easier to be dismounted. 8. Adjustable working table. 9. Nozzle & Pump system. 10. Pneumatically operated.(needs an Air Compressor:...

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