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  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Buildwell Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1987 and specializes in manufacturing high precision drill chucks, Magnetic Drilling Machines, N.C. tooling for machine centers as well as accessories for milling machine, and grinding Machines. We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Taiwan supplying Magnetic Drilling Machines. In order to cope with ever-increasing demand in Magnetic Drilling Machines, we have spared no efforts in upgrading our products through constant research and development with innovative designs. Our products are designed to meet the highest engineering standards. Total quality control system is being implentmented so as to ensure reliable quality products. Our products have successfully penetrated the world market. For a reliable quality tool supplier...
  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturers & Suppliers )
    Tsyr Tzun Industrial Co., Ltd. was one of the machine tools manufacturer, such as portable Magnetic drill tables, Magnetic Drilling machine and Magnetic Drilling Machines. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of Product Management that match the strict quality requirements of International market which has earned our company the distinct reputation of being a quality oriented Taiwan machine tools manufacturer sector due to our capability to supply impeccable products to our customers. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.

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  • Portable Magnetic Center Free Drilling Stands
    1. Automatic step feed: efficiently to discharge the scrap with automatic step feeding device. 2. Control device of cutting force: in order to prevent the cutting tools from being over worn out, this device can control the feeding unit, for example while cutting a hard or bad materials of steel, or the scrap in a deep hole are not easy to be discharged. This device can stop feeding temporally, until the resistance disappeared, and it will feed automatically continually until completed. 3. Protective function of cutting force control device: if operator forget to lock the fixing bolt, after Drilling through a hole the automatic feed function will be continual until the end, under this function, both the gear cylinder and machine body won't be damaged. 4. Equipped with automatic stop...
  • Magnetic Drills
    It is used on drill hole of the steel board. There is Magnetic at the bottom of machine, so it could absorb onto steel board then dirll the hole.
  • 4 Speed Magnetic Drilling Machines
    Max. capacity: 1. Dia. x depth of cut (hand feed): 75 mm x 50 mm. 2. Dia. x depth of MT3 twist drill bit: 32 mm x 150 mm. 3. Dia. x depth of MT3 chuck adaptor with twist drill bit: 16 mm x 110 mm. 4. Dia. x depth of taps: 25.4 mm x 40 mm.
  • Portable Shaft-Column Magnetic Drill Tables
    The durable shaft and Cylindrical slide with super magnet offer enough bearing force to ensure the precision of vertical. Double casters with 330o rotary disc, more conveniently to move. Two springy casings keep the shaft clean and prolong the life of body. Suitable for those hard-move work pieces, such as process of heavy-duty machine, manufacture of steam furnace, production of machine tools, Drilling operation of steel skeleton of building and large steel plate, etc.
  • Portable Magnetic Drill Tables
    •Rotary working table design, 6-face contact for slide, stable operation, & powerful mangnetic force. •Suitable for uneasy moving workpieces, such as: heavy duty machine processing, steam boiler making, machine tool making, steel frame & steel plate Drilling for big building.
  • Magnetic Core Drilling Machines
    1. Magnetic core Drilling machine. 2. Five functions in one. (1) Suitable for NITTO cutters. (2) Best for HITACH cutters (option). (3) Suitable for straight shanks less than 13 mm (option). (4) Altered to a vacuum pad to drill on non-metal materials (option). (5) Altered to attach clamps to drill metal pipes (option). 3. Use a needle-bearing on the holder, the spindle keeps stability for long time and prolong life of shanks. 4. Compact for only 13.5 kg. 5. Provide single-coil Magnetic seat; Max. Magnetic 1600 kg. F. The highest in the same kind Machines. 6. A button to hold slide guide not to fall when changing shank. 7. Equipped with a double water-proof button, preventing circuit and motor trouble. 8. Machines are processed by CNC, high accuracy to assemble, 100% to replace...
  • Full Automatic Portable Magnetic Drilling And Center Free Drilling Machines
    1.Conveniently to mount on twist drill or hole cutter for automatic Drilling and Center-free Drilling.. 2.Adjusting wheel of cutting force control device can be used for regulating the force of cutting. Therefore, the cutting force for twist drill and hole cutter can be adjusted as you need. 3.Automatic step feed device can automatically discharge the scrap step by step. 4.The device of resistance indicator can detect the resistance force while cutting, the operator may replace the cutters in time to prevent them from being over worn out by this installation. 5.Drill sleeve set and clamp set of hole cutter are designed with rapid-adapter which can be replaced rapidly to streamline production.
  • Portable Magnetic Center Free Drilling Stands
    1. This machine has 2 speed rates, convenient for operator to choose a correct one suitable for different size of cutting. 2. The cutter-lifting unit is designed as a Gang-gear spindle cylinder, that makes more durable and wearable than those lifted by slide plate. 3. Coolant tank is ingrated with the machine body. Lowers the damage resulting from impact efficiently. 4. Most suitable for Drilling steel skeleton of building, large steel plate, steam furnace, etc.
  • Portable Magnetic Tapping And Center Free Drilling Compound Machines
    * All the drill-sleeves, tapper set, and the clamp set of Hole cutter are designed with rapid adapter to streamline production. * This machine is designed with three functions for Tapping and Drilling by using twist-drill and center-free-drill. The most convenient for outgoing work. * The most suitable for cutting those work pieces that are not easily or not allowed to be moved. Such as: large steel plate, steel skeleton of building and bridge, heavy-duty machine...etc.

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