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    Yeon Chuan is a well-known designing and manufacturing woodworking tools and machines, spindle shapers, Bench Lathe, hollow chisel mortisers, air cleaner for workshop, table saws, & band saws. Our products are exported to many countries and all have earned the reputation for both quality and reliability. All convenience and accuracy that good woodworking demands. We have also put great efforts in research and development, process improvement, and facility upgrades. With years of experience, no matter what kinds of wood working tools and equipments you request, Yeon Chuan can suit your requirements. Providing customers best quality products to meet their expectation is our consistent goal. We also have several very successful OEM/ODM projects in corporation with world famous companies.

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  • Ripro Enterprises Co., Ltd.

    We supply all kinds of innovative products to customers- remote control (RC) toys, solar garden lights, solar Christmas tree ball lamps, solar decoration lights, storage bags, boxes & cubes, garden & outdoor tools & accessories, hobby & craft handtool kits, car accessories, toys & gifts. Contact us & send us your e-mail today for more information.

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  • Wuhan Chancay Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Wuhan Chancay Machinery & Electronics Co.,Ltd lead the domestic machinery products technical levels by virtue of the field of mechanical engineering professional experience success in the last decade. Our factory was established in year 2006 with staff number of 500 person, among them 150 are technical engineers, 50 are professional sales person and after-sales service person. It has been set up our own research institute. Since the company had been established, we devote to the multi-purpose farm machinery and the engineering machinery development. At present, our main product including agricultural machinery ( wheel tractor, walking tractor, lawn mower implement of the tractor, etc), engineering machinery ( skid steer loader, mini excavator, bulldozer forklift, ect) and some more flexible...

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  • Tailong Hardware & Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Established in 1995,Tailong Hardware and Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in suppling and manufacturing industrial products like casting parts, gratings, wood-working machines and machine tools. While Tailongrise International Co., Ltd is doing all the import and export business related in this field. Various castings are poured according to customer's drawings or samples. Precision components and parts are machined with our CNC machine tools for different use. Woodworking machines and machine tools are made and assembled according to market requirements. As business grows, Tailong has also invested in different foundries and machinery works in the form of currency or equipments. This has enlarged our production capacity. QUALILTY, QUICK SERVICE and COMPETITIVE PRICE are the rules we use in...

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  • Anhui Chizhou Household Machine Tool Co., Ltd.

    Anhui chizhou household machine tool co., ltd, established in 1958, the leading products are characteristic small-size machine tools and CNC machines for family, science research, education and enterprises. And main products are white eagle VMC, horizontal VMC, CNC Bench Lathe, HQ series multi-purpose machine(small-size combination machine tool), CZ series Bench Lathe, ZAY series milling & drilling machine, CX series milling machine, ML1744 7 kinds of function woodworking machine and so on.. Our products mostly sold to international market and get good reputation from customers of all of the world.

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What is a Bench Lathe?

A bench lathe is a material reduction machine built into a bench or worktable. A lathe takes a solid block of a material and reduces it to create a symmetrical item. Using a bench lathe, you can cut, knurl, drill, or sand material down to create a new object. The lathe is designed to hold the block at two points and spin it while allow the user to reduce the material to the new shape. A lathe can be used for wood, metal, glass work and pottery. Depending on the skill of the operator, the lathe can produce a simple table leg or a very ornate object. Precision lathes utilize computer software to create very complex designs or to mass produce a specific product. A bench lathe has a bed or horizontal beam that allows the excess material to fall away from the work surface. On the left hand side of the bench lathe, the headstock is located. A headstock is the section of the lathe that holds the spinning bearings. Attached to the bench lathe is a spindle. This hollow bar runs parallel to the bed and is used to attached accessories. These accessories are used to secure the workpiece in place. It is very common for bench lathes to also have a hand wheel or exterior threads to allow other accessories to be attached to the bench lathe as required. On a bench lathe, the spindle moves the block of material with either an electric motor or foot power. It is very common for the motor to be concealed in the headstock or in the base of the lathe bench. If the bench lathe has a motor in the headstock, it is important to give carefully consideration to where you install the device, and its proximity to a power outlet. It is critical to ensure the electricity cable is secured safely. Access Bench Lathe made in Taiwan & China. Information on company profile, product categories & images of Bench Lathe manufacturers & suppliers from Taiwan & China available online on

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