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    Find a wide selection of surface grinder and Double Column Grinding Machine at Tong Yi. With over 20 years experience, Tong Yi have become to a professional surface grinder exporter and manufacturer. Looking for reliable supplier, Tong Yi will be your best partner! We are constantly devoting ourselves to improving technology and creating new innovative machines products. We can supply our large order customers more efficiently. We are confident that we can supply the output that our customers desire.

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    FALCON Machine TOOLS CO., LTD. was specialized in the design and manufacture of Double Column Grinding Machine and other machines. We seek for excellent quality, innovative research and development of products and good after sale services in the field on our Machine. We have the capability and adaptability to meet and exceed the consistantly changing market. We have successfully sold our products to local market and welcome your comments and continuous support. Quality, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement are the responsibility of each our employee. We would like to invite you to browse the product categories and learn more information. FALCON always the well-known grinders machines manufacturer to be with you.
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    Taiwan Professional manufacturer of cnc machining center, SIGMA CNC TECHNOLOGY MACHINERY CO., LTD. is a leading manufacturer of Double Column Grinding Machine and many other machines. Buyers can contact us by visiting our website or by sending request for information. There are many types of machines on my website. For more products information, please contact us soon. On the basis of introducing all kinds of talents, in the spirit of constant innovation and improving quality, with sincerity as our shield to meet the demands of clients, our factory controls quality in the process of design, production and delivery, providing good quality machines for every client. We will keep excellent quality, good reputation continuously.

Standard Suppliers

  • Manford Machinery Co., LTD.

    In 1987, President Su-Yen Hsieh founded “Manford Machinery Co., LTD.”, focusing on development, manufacturing and sales of various precision machines, milling machines and surface Grinding machines, and providing high quality and high performance products. Manford not only provides a variety of products, but also aims to satisfy the needs of customers. Our products are sold in five continents and customers are from fields of aeronautics, transportation, automobile, medicine, shoes, high-tech electronics and etc. Manford Group owns three factories in Taiwan and a branch office in the US. The headquarter in Taiwan focuses on the front-end development of new models. R&D engineers participate in on-job training, constantly improving professional skills and continuing to innovate. In the R&D...
  • Paul Jet Hitechnology Corp.

    PAUL JET HITECH CORP. is an expert supplier of Machine Tools Company. Founded in 2006, we settle in Taichung City which is the center of Machine industry in Taiwan. Our president Mr. Tsai had cultivated this process machinery field for over twenty years, and he has never stopped seeking high quality products in order to provide prompt and highly satisfaction service to customer all over the world. Until this year, we have already sold our machines to different area in the world and earned a good reputation. Since the market is becoming popular and popular, Mr. Tsai decided to the open a new company AMBITION HITECH CORP. for global business to reach another climax. 2014 our mature technology and professional services in aviation titanium industry has a new chievement. Committed to the development...
  • SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery Co., Ltd.

    SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in November 2000 by President Humor Chuang together with his key partners who share the same vision for production and marketing. Led by President Humor Chuang, the efficient collaboration team is running the company’s daily operations. Since its establishment, SIGMA CNC Technology Machinery holds the fundamental concept of “ EXPERTISE、INNOVATION、PERFORMANCE ”. Under the leadership of our President, constant efforts and renovations are made to meet ever-changing market challenges. With scientific management, we strive for high efficiency production, stable quality control, best sales and after-service. That is why SIGMA CNC is able to reap customers’ praise, reliance and confidence. SIGMA CNC is still a young manufacturer, but what...

    In Taiwan, AENY INTERNATIONAL INC. is the professional maker of ATC, and various key components of Machine tools as well as SPM. We have top R & D design / mechanical / electrical engineering teams, many well-trained assembly technicians plus an excellent customer support team to serve our valuable customers. What's more important is, we offer customers a total solution of all the supplied products by doing market & customer driven design engineering, manufacturing, assembly, inspection, quality assurance, logistics and customer support. In other words, we are supplying the value-priced products to be globally competitive in order to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Products Catalog

  • Double Column Grinding Machines
    1. Working capacity: (1) Max. travel (L x W) (mm): 4000 x 2000, 5000 x 2000, 6000 x 2000. (2) Working table (L x W) (mm): 4500 x 2000, 5500 x 2000, 6500 x 2000. (3) Distance from table to spindle (mm): 450-1250. (4) Distance between housie (mm): 2200. (5) Grinding surface of table (L x W) (mm): 4000 x 1900, 5000 x 1900, 6000 x 1900. (6) Table load weight (kg): 7600, 9800, 12000. (7) Table feed speed (m/min): 8-24. 2. Horizontal Grinding wheel: (1) Grindle wheel (OD x W x ID) (mm): 510 x 100 x 203. (2) Spindle elevation travel (mm): 750. (3) Spindle elevation min. feed (mm): 0.002. (4) Spindle traverse intermittent feed (mm/str): 6-60. (5) Spindle traverse rapid speed (mm/min): 5000. (6) Spindle speed (60HZ) (rpm): 1150. 3. Electric motor: (1) Spindle motor AC (kw): 15. (2)...
  • Double Column Grinding Machines
    1. Choice of workpiece: it can grind mould for any kind size. 2. The slide of tool Machine: it can grind square, v and a type of slide. 3. Industrial Machine: it can griand large surface iron plate, steel course angle tool. 4. Accuracy qualified to meet jsb6207 standard. 5. Working capacity: (1) Max. travel (L x W) (mm): 3000 x 1600, 4000 x 1600, 5000 x 1600. (2) Working table (L x W) (mm): 3500 x 1600, 4500 x 1600, 5500 x 1600. (3) Distance from table to spindle (mm): 450-1000. (4) Distance between housie (mm): 1800. (5) Grinding surface of table (L x W) (mm): 3000 x 1500, 4000 x 1500, 5000 x 1500. (6) Table load weight (kg): 5600, 7200, 8800. (7) Table feed speed (m/min): 8-24. 6. Horizontal Grinding wheel: (1) Grindle wheel (OD x W x ID) (mm): 510 x 100 x 203. (2) Spindle...
  • Double Column Grinder
    * X axis designed with big"V"slide way. * Compoumd two flat & one big V ( 一V一)longitudinal slide ways design for high straightness accuracy. * Smooth table movement. * Big V way design for minimizing heat deformation. * Graphic conversational operation system for easy CNC operation, high performance for surface and form Grinding. Elevation with counter weigh balance design. * Concave/convex Grinding function. (Workpiece with 0.06mm concave Grinding) * Superior NN type Double row cylindrical roller bearing design for maximum Grinding performance. * Separated “BOX" type Double Column and work table. * Whole series Modularized design. * Pro-E designed Machine base, no S shape deformation. * Machine and base accuracy will not affected by the Grinding heads movement. *...
  • Double Column Grinding Machines
    1. Choice of workpiece: it can grind mould for any kind size. the sild. 2. Of tool Machine: it can grind square, V and a type of slide. 3. Industrial Machine: it can griand large surface iron plate, steel. 4. Courre angle tool accurancy qualified to meet jsb6207 standard.

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