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    Established in 1969, E-Tay Industrial has been specialized in the design and manufacture of Fresnel Lens and other optical items since 1969. We have a creative team constantly dreaming up new promotional ideas and products. Due to our continued effort to develop and improve our products and services, we have become one of the largest and most respected Fresnel Lens manufacturers. Our Fresnel lenses are ideal for a wide variety of applications and purposes. In the vital disciplines of service, quoting, advice, manufacture and product quality, we strive to always exceed our clients' expectations. If you are looking for quality and competitive Fresnel Lenses in Taiwan, you can count on E-Tay Industrial. Please contact us with any question you may have.

Standard Suppliers

  • Wenzhou Mingfa Optics Plastics Co., Ltd.

    The original "Plastic Plant" in 1993, a joint venture with HSBC in Hong Kong the country was founded "Pingyang Mingfa Optics Plastics Co., Ltd.". Ten years of development experience of the growing strength of the company and in 2005 officially changed its name to "Wenzhou Mingfa Optics Plastics Co., Ltd.". We specialize in telescopes, microscopes, magnifying glass, credit card size Fresnel Lens magnifiers, projection Lens, projection Lens, Fresnel thin magnifying glass, camera viewfinders and simple camera lenses of various R&D, manufacturing and sales. 95% of the company's products are exported to our clients around the world. Mingfa company of "security, unity, hard work, innovation, first-class" spirit and the international advanced management concepts,...

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  • WuXi Bohai Optical Apparatus Electronic Co., Ltd.

    We specialized in the produce of Fresnel Lens and relative optic products since 1988. Our company has high-precision Fresnel Lens processing & testing equipments and has our own Fresnel lenses R&D center. We can design and produce any kinds of Fresnel lenses according to customers' demand. Our high-quality products include Fresnel Lens, magnifying glasses, OHP Fresnel Lens, wide angle Fresnel Lens, linear Fresnel Lens, Fresnel Lens moulding board. We will do our best to serve our customers with high quality products and service.

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  • Linyi Yuying Optical Instruments Co., Ltd.

    We're the sole manufacturer producing from the mould of Fresnel Lens to teaching projectors in China. After hard research of years and innovation of technology, our technology of Fresnel Lens mould process has already reached the world advanced technology now. Specialized in optical instruments- Fresnel Lens, optical fittings, LED focus lampshade, IR Fresnel len, reader magnifier, arena lamp focus Lens, teaching projecting apparatus, automatic and manual screen.

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Products Catalog

  • Pocket Magnifier Sheets (Fresnel Lens)
    1. Pocket magnifier sheet fit any wallet. They are handy for reading menus, bills,etc. 2. Suitable as promotion or stationery items. 3. Customer's logo can be imprinted on the bags. 4. Magnifiers three to four times. 5. Lightweight.
  • Card Magnifiers (Fresnel Lens)
    Perfect for giveaways, credit card sized magnifier fits nicely in any wallet and will help in reading menus, directions, etc. Fresnel Lens with 4x magnification, individually cello-bagged to prevent scratching.
  • Wide Angle Rear Window Lens (Fresnel Lens)
    1. A wide angle rear window Lens gives you an increased view of the blind area behind your car. 2. You will find it very protective for avoiding your possible accidents in your blind spot.
What is Fresnel Lens?

A Fresnel lens is a type of lens developed by French physicist Augustin-Jean Fresnel for lighthouses; a similar design had previously been proposed by Buffon and Condorcet as a way to make large burning lenses. The design enables the construction of lenses of large aperture and short focal length without the weight and volume of material that would be required in conventional lens design. Compared to earlier lenses, the Fresnel lens is much thinner, thus passing more light and allowing lighthouses to be visible over much longer distances. The use of a Fresnel lens reduces image quality, so they tend to be used only where quality is not critical or where the bulk of a solid lens would be prohibitive. Cheap Fresnel lenses can be stamped or moulded out of transparent plastic and are used in overhead projectors, projection televisions, and hand-held sheet magnifying glasses. Fresnel lenses have been used to increase the visual size of CRT displays in pocket televisions, notably the Sinclair TV80. They are also used in traffic lights. Fresnel lenses are also used to correct several visual disorders, including several ocular motility disorders such as strabismus. Since plastic Fresnel lenses can be made larger than glass lenses, as well as being much cheaper and lighter, they are used to concentrate sunlight for heating in solar cookers, solar forges, and solar collectors to heat water for domestic use. Source for Fresnel Lenses. B2BManufactures.Com incorporates full list of Taiwan- & China-based manufacturers and suppliers. In addition, there are a wide selection of Fresnel Lens presented with highly resolved images as a great help in researching and purchasing.

source: Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia

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