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  • RF Amplifiers

    Audio Equipment image Temwell Corporation

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    As professional rf amplifier manufacturer, we are based on over 25 years experience in this field, Temwell Group provides one stop service for RF Amplifier demand as RF amplifier manufacturer, including RF Power Amplifier, Low Noise Amplifier and High Power Amplifier. Be spoken service as your wish. Our custom service ....

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  • Manual Faders

    Audio Equipment image Song Huei Electric Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Travel: 100, 104.2mm.
    2. Manual faders.
    3. If you are interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with more information. 1.Total Resistance & Tolerance: 10KΩ ± 20% Output Law: Audio taper or Linear taper Voltage 2.Rating: Not to exceed 20V DC ....

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  • Rubber Antennas With 144/430mhz Or 433mhz UHF/VHF Two-way Radio

    Audio Equipment image Tekfun Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    * Frequency range:
    - 433MHz
    - 144/430MHz (UHF/VHF)
    * Specification:
    - VSWR: <=2.0
    - Impedance: 50 ohms nominal
    - Normal gain: 0dBi
    - Radiation: omni
    - Electrical wave: 1/4
    - Admitted power radiation: 10W Connector: SMA male RP-SMA male SMA female RP-SMA female Screw mount base: M3, M4, M5 or M6 Screw....

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  • Ceiling Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Akowa Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Primary: 100V.
    2. Tapped: 10W / 5W / 3W / 1W. Ceiling speaker with grilles, AV amplifier speaker system, speaker, P.A. system, speaker volume controller. ....

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  • Plastic Megaphones

    Audio Equipment image Ching Mars Corp.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Suitable in any situation.
    2. Broadcast sound loud and clear. 1. Size: 200mmH x 340mmL x 90mmW.2. Suitable in any situation.3. Broadcast sound loud and clear. ....

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  • LCD Monitor Speakers And High Output Power Miniature Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Amaoto Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    Size: 34x34 mm
    Impedance: 8 ohm
    Power: 2 w
    Fo: 260 Hz
    Speaker depth: 14.5 mm
    Shape: square * Different impedances are available.For more information on our customization services, contact us by e-mail today.  ....

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  • Digital Signage Player

    Audio Equipment image NewSoft Technolog Corporation

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    our products main features are Media Player Management, Access Control, Content Update, Central Scheduling, RTB (Real Time Broadcast). Please refer to the attachment. ....

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  • USB Mini Speaker

    Audio Equipment image Acro Work International Corporation

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    * Build-in retractable cable which bring you a convince carrying.
    * Using the titanium dome can accepted the excellence sound quality. * This allows to use indoor & outdoor with your notebook. Dual single way retractable cable for easy pack and go.Power source by USB.3W X 3W ....

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  • AV Amplifiers

    Audio Equipment image In-Young Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    AV Amplifier.

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  • 2.4GHz Wireless Digital Headphones

    Audio Equipment image Airwave Technologies Inc.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    The AWS838 wireless stereo headphone system is specifically made for TV, Hi-Fi, and A/V entertainment use.The AWS838 utilizes the state-of-the-art wireless digital audio technology to transmit and receive crystal-clear music up to 100 ft. distance even through wall and floors. It lets you sit where you like and enjoy f....

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  • iPod Armband Cases

    Audio Equipment image Soaraway Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Suitable for advertising and promotions.
    2. Ideal for iPod case.
    3. Customized designs and logos are welcome.
    4. Let you carry iPod more easily, whenever you are biking, jogging or walking.
    5. Protect your iPod from scratch and knocks.
    6. Easy accesses to click wheel, dock connector, earphone jack and hold....

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  • Retractable Hands Free

    Audio Equipment image Us Way Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    Two-ear bud earphone with retractable clip-on cord storage and one touch on/ off switch. (Suitable also for PDA earphone and PC earphone). 1. Speaker: (1) Frequency response: 20~20000Hz. (2) Sensitivity: 105+/-3dB. (3) Impedance: 32(ohm)+/-15% at 1kHz. (4) Max input: 10mw. 2. Microphone: (1) Frequency response: 50~....

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  • Over The Ear Headphones

    Audio Equipment image Fortune Grand Technology Inc.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Mini 8mm driver in-ear type for accurate sound listening experience.
    2. Powerful neodymium magnets for superior sound reproduction.
    3. Enhance airflow to reduce ambient noise.
    4. Comfortably stable to fit most ear. 1. Driver unit: Ø8mm. 2. Impedance: 18Ω. 3. Sensitivity: 106dB. 4. Cable length: 1....

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  • CB Microphones

    Audio Equipment image Taiwan Carol Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Polar pattern: cardioid(uni-directional).
    2. Frequency response: 100Hz ~ 10,000Hz. 1. Impedance: 600 ohms +/- 30%.
    2. Sensitivity: -78dB +/- 3dB .
    3. Dimensions(mm): 85 x 64 x 38.
    4. Weight(w/o cable): 148g.
    5. Cable: 1.8M. ....

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  • Horn Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Sotek Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Sotek Technology Co., Ltd., a company endeavors to be perfect on quality, service, competition, and responsibility, spinning off in 2004 from Soartek Co., Ltd. (established in 1989), now managed by Mr. Sunny Liu.
    2. Mr. Liu believes quality is the only and the best way to compete and survive. This goal has stimulat....

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  • Two Way Radio Antennas

    Audio Equipment image Autotek Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    VHF communication antenna. 1. Frequency: 132-174 MHz( by whip cut tuning).2. Gain: 4.0 dBi.3. V.S.W.R. ≦1.5.4. Power capacity: 120W.5. Stainless steel shock spring.6. Connection: UHF MALE(PL-259).7. Length: 153 cm. ....

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  • Stereo Snake Shape Microphones

    Audio Equipment image Shenzhen Honk Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Audio in operation.
    2. Internet phone talk.
    3. IP telephone.
    4. For all multimedia purposes. 1. Element: electric condenser.
    2. Polar pattern: omni-directional.
    3. Frequency range: 20 - 16000Hz.
    4. Impedance: 2.0K.
    5. Maximun power input: 0.4 ma.
    6. Sensitivity: -60dB +/- 3dB.
    7. Operating volt: 1-1....

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  • Paper Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Aquaways Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    Ways Technical Corp., Ltd., established in 2001, is a professional group specializing in plastic surface decorating techniques. We have been devoting ourselves to research of The newest and most efficient technologies, as well as innovation and development on Various applications to our customers. We are highly trusted....

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  • Mobile Handsfree Kit Earphones

    Audio Equipment image Multi-Direction Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Physically design which places the speaker outsides of the ear canal to eliminate the discomfort for the foreign body, easeful than the traditional inner ear bud.
    2. Mechanically design which creates the best sound resonance effect. 1. Ear-clip type.2. Flexible microhpone arm.3. speaker spec. 110dB+-3dB; micro....

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  • Speakers For Arcade Game Machines

    Audio Equipment image Cheer Jingle Electric Machinery Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    The speaker can be used not only on arcade game machines but also on audio systmes. The sound effect is good. 1. Specifications: 4 inches.
    2. Resistor: 8Ω.
    3. Electric power: 5W.
    4. Size: 10 cm x 10 cm.
    5. Material: iron.

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  • Home Theater Speakers

    Audio Equipment image King Fount Ind. Corp.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    Our producers include: car audio, home theater & karaoke system, public address system, column speaker, public address amplifier, professional audio equipment, wireless microphones. 1. 3 ways.
    2. Woofer: 8"/205mm x2.
    3. Midrange: 5-1/4" /133mm x1.
    4. Tweeter: 1"/25mmx1. ....

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  • Computer Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Mony Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Light, small and compact.
    2. Different color options.
    3. Excellent performance. 1. Input voltage: DC 5V/500mA.
    2. Speaker output power: 2W x 1 (max).
    3. USB audio.
    4. Size: 48 x 48 x 52mm. ....

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  • 860mhz Indoor Amplifier

    Audio Equipment image Eastern House Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Product: Indoor Distribution Amplifier 860MHz

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  • Micro Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Jong Gar Xin Tech. Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    Micro spearker for mobile phone. 1. 8mmx3.2mm (diameterxdepth).
    2. Input power: 5W.
    3. Weight Gram: 0.33.
    4. Impedance: 32 ohm.
    5. SPL: 104 dB.
    6. Frequency range: 300~3.4K Hz. ....

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  • Bluetooth Speaker With Galaxy Light

    Audio Equipment image Ting Immediately Ind Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    *Ice clear Top and snow white bottom diamond shape, design for elegant ladies
    *Re-charegeable Li-battery last for 10 hours, best for outdoor parties
    *Unique"BedTimeSocial" app, for lifestyle Light/Music/Wake/Sleep functions
    *Intuitive IR remote with easy icons
    *Additional Phone remote control
    *High clas....

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  • MP3 Players

    Audio Equipment image Ovtech Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Support MP3 / WMA music play format.
    2. Multi-language function.
    3. ID3 display & lyrics display.
    4. FM stereo tuner and FM recording (optional).
    5. OLED screen display.
    6. A - B repeat.
    7. Seven EQ modes (normal, jazz, soft, pop, rock, classic, u-bass).
    8. 35 hours voice recording time (128MB).
    9. Plug ....

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  • Vehicle Loud Speakers

    Audio Equipment image Yisen Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Microphone input.
    2. Vehicle radio-phone amplifier. 1. Alarm chirps.2. Other animal cries. ....

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  • Amplifier

    Audio Equipment image Chen Jia Hsin Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. 30dB gain for optimal carrier to noise ratio and superior picture quality
    2. Employs state-of-the art hybrid push-pull technology for distortion-free audio-video quality
    3. Adjustable slope and gain controls for easy system balancing
    4. Easy-access controls and low-loss (-20dB) test point enable simplified setu....

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  • Infrared Microphones

    Audio Equipment image All

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Easy to bring with.
    2. Accessor es: 3.5mm microphone / lavalier cord.
    3. Able to reconfigure to one with built-in microphone. 1. 2.54 mhz/2.08 mhz selectable.
    2. FM.
    3. 32.768 khz.
    4. 15 khz.
    5. 50μs.
    6. 850 nm.
    7. 360°.
    8. 200ma/2.4V.
    9. 15M min.
    10. ECM.
    11. Rechargeable nimh.
    12. 2....

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  • Hi-Fi Mpw Speakers ( For Bicycles)

    Audio Equipment image Olomouc International Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Audio Equipment :
    1. Speaker output: THD+N=0.15% @1.5W SNR=94db @1.5W.
    2. Earphone output: THD+N=0.6% @32£[ SNR=92 db @32£..
    3. Playing time: speaker: 9 hours (depend on the playing volume) Earphone: 60 hours.
    4. Charging time: USB by 6 hours USB(5V/1A) AC commercial adaptor: 3 hours.
    5. Capacity: 2G memory.
    6. Interface: USB2.0 ....

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