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  • OA Furniture Fittings For Flipper Doors

    Furniture Fitting image Choice Industries Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Furniture Fitting :
    1. Product name: OA furniture fittings.
    2. Product No.: flipper door. Size(W* D* H ):1. W: 24" 30" 36" 42" 48".2. D: 13.46".3. H: 15.51".4. W: 610m/m, 760m/m, 910m/m, 1070m/m, 1220m/m.5. D: 342m/m.6. H: 394m/m. ....

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  • Furniture Screws & Fittings

    Furniture Fitting image Atali Associates Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Furniture Fitting :
    Furniture screws & fittings. Chipboard screws tailored to following markets:1. Scandinavia: phillips flat(60°) w/nibs, coarse or hi-low.2. Australia: phillips flat(90°) w/nibs, coarse.3. South Africa: pozi-drive flat(90°) w/nibs, coarse.4. South America: phillips flat(80°), 40° symmetrical d....

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