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  • Surgical Tapes ( Medical Adhesive Tapes)

    Adhesive Medical Tapes image Celadon Technology Company

    The Spec Of Adhesive Medical Tapes :
    Celadon's medical surgical tape is real breathable; it can keeps human skin breath & perspire normally with super - Ultra high air permeability and soft and conformable for maximum user comfort. 1. Application: (1) Wound care, device holding & fixing. All skin contact applications. (2) Doesn’t abs....

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  • Adhesive Transparent PU Films ( Motefilm)

    Adhesive Medical Tapes image Motex Healthcare Corporation

    The Spec Of Adhesive Medical Tapes :
    1. Transparent PU film, coated with hypoallergenic adhesive.
    2. Strong adhesion, yet easy to remove that leaves little or no residue.
    3. Waterproof but air permeable, it shields out water, dirt, and germs.
    4. Provides best conditions for healing.
    5. Individually wrapped and gamma sterilized.
    6. It has been used to....

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