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  • Digital Automotive Battery Analyzer

    Battery Testers image CHIH TAI Y&S CO., LTD.

    The Spec Of Battery Testers :
    1. EMC compliance: VDE0871, IEC189-3
    2. Safety standards: IEC348
    3. Certifications: CE
    4. Measurement mode: Real time & online ability
    5. Features(measurement & LCD display): Battery state of health(life span 12 steps 6 bars)Voltage-digital display Cranking power-fan scale
    6. Symbols-alternator funcio....

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  • Battery Checkers

    Battery Testers image Tainan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery Testers :
    1. Quickly show you the condition of your car's electrical system.
    2. Easy to read and color coded status lights Magnet-mount. 1. Function: 11.0V/12.0V/12.5V/13.5V/14.0V/15.0V.2. Dimensions: 140 x 65 x 25mm.3. Weight: 75g. ....

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  • Battery Impedance Tester

    Battery Testers image TENMARS ELECTRONICS CO., LTD.

    The Spec Of Battery Testers :
    TM-6002 is an ideal tester for automotive, UPS maintenance and telecommunication applications.
    - Quick response time.
    - Simultaneously display the results of battery Impedance,voltage measurements.
    - Built-in comparator function to rate the conditions as pass,warning or fail. Battery capacity : 0 to 500A ....

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