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  • Motorcycle Batteries

    Battery image Koyo Battery Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Product name: motorcycle battery.
    2. Product No.: 6N2-2A.
    1. Battery type: 6N2-2A2. Capacity ah (10h-r):2.3. Maximum dimensions: (1) Inch±1/6 in ( L x W x H): 2 3/4 x 1 7/8 x 3 3/4. (2) Millimerer ± 2mm (L x W x H): 70 x 47 x 96.4. Weight with acid (kg/lbs): 0.6/ 1.3.5. Acid volume (liter): 0.1.6.....

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Golden Suppliers

  • Battery Holder

    Battery image BEV International Corp.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    We build customer trust through high quality Di2 battery holder products, prompt delivery and good after-sales services. Di2 battery holder for inside of a seat post in 27.2mm and 31.6mm. ....

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  • Standard Battery And Charger

    Battery image Tai Cheng Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    We know that the charging type tool is a short period work tools, special for rescuing work. It is hard to use for a long period. In order to solve this problem, we develop and launch the products that can be time-expand.

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  • 5V 1.2A Car Chargers

    Battery image Tekfun Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Car charger offers 5V 1.2A.
    2. Fully compatible for iPad, iPhone and Ipod.
    3. With blue LED indicator.
    4. With output short circuit protection.
    5. Standard color: black. white color is also available. 1. Car charger (CTCC-IPAD):2. Input: 12~24V, output: 5V1.2A.3. Size: 44mm(L) x 30mm(W) x 26.50mm(H).4. CE, F....

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  • Battery Chargers

    Battery image Akowa Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    Protections soft start:
    1. Output short: shutdown.
    2. Input polarity reverse: by fuse.
    3. High voltage input: shutdown.
    4. Low voltage input: shutdown.
    5. Overload: shutdown.
    6. Overtemperture: shutdown after buzzer keep sounding for one minute.
    7. Battery low: alarm.
    8. Intelligent fan control.
    9. Trouble dis....

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  • Plugin Saver Charger

    Battery image Lth Tzu Electric Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    We are professional manufacturer of 3,500,000 plug-in saver/chargers, capable of supplying you the most complete range of charger products. Through our professional manufacturing techniques and experiences, we can assure you of best quality and prompt delivery. PCB assembled with original Motorola (or equal quality....

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  • AC-DC Battery Charger - Intelligent AC-DC

    Battery image LinkChamp Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    Intelligent AC-DC® Battery Charger

    AD-1548 LINK: Integrated4-Stage ChargingMulti-rate Charging OptionsAuto Sw....

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    Battery image Acro Work International Corporation

    The Spec Of Battery :
    . Prior to use, make sure the voltage of the vohicle is within DC10V-18V.
    . Uue standard USB power cable.
    . If encounter a problem during charging examine if the connections are compatible.
    . Suggest using the original USB cable to avoid incomplete charging.
    . Avoid connecting to any port exceeding recomm....

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  • Batteries

    Battery image In-Young Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    Battery. N/A. ....

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  • Solar Charger Controllers (Solar Equipments)

    Battery image Power Master Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. The world's leading small solar charge controller for both professional and consumer applications.
    2. Reduces system maintenance.
    3. Built-in status LED indicators.
    4. Incorrect wiring protection - reverse battery and solar panel protected.
    5. Terminal block for simple wire connections. 1. Suited for ....

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  • USB Car Chargers

    Battery image Shinedata Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. High voltage and insulation resistance tested.
    2. Safe design.
    3. SELV circuit.
    4. Fire - resistant PCB.
    5. Improved rated current for lower heat. 1. Input: DC 12 - 24V.
    2. Output DC 5V 1A.
    3. Plug and play function, used in car. ....

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  • Battery Snaps

    Battery image Ace Sound Enterprise Co.,Ltd,

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Fitted for PP3 or 9V battery.
    2. PP rigid style.
    3. Country of origin: " TAIWAN ". Standard wire: UL1007 26AWG, 150mm. ....

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  • Alkaline Battery Charges

    Battery image Good Opportunity Electronic Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    •Specifically made to charge alkaline batteries. Fully charge a battery in 90 minutes.

    •Actively monitors each battery for defects or damages,and will Automatically stop charging if any problems occur.

    •Safely charge single, or multiple (up to four) alkaline AA or AAA. Batteries of any make or manufacture....

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  • Charger

    Battery image GME Technology Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    3W Super Mini Charger with 3 to 15V Output Voltage and UL/FCC Marks
    Key Specifications/Special Features:
    *Super small size and portable
    *Constant voltage mode
    *High power outlet
    *Light and convenient plug-in
    *Constant voltage mode

    *Lithium-ion battery charger

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  • Multi-crystalline Solar Cells

    Battery image Powercom Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Type: 6" multi-crystalline solar cell.
    2. Dimension: 156mm x 156mm ± 0.5mm.
    3. Thickness(Si): ≧190μm. 1. Front side: silicon nitride anti-reflection coating 1.5mm silver busbar.
    2. Back side: full surface aluminum back-surface-field 3.5mm (silver/aluminum) continuous soldering pads.
    3. Please refer ....

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  • Cigar Lighter to 2 x USB Ports

    Battery image Access Star Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    Cigar Lighter to 2 x USB port Adapter Cigar Lighter to 2pcs USB port Adapter ....

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  • Battery Charger

    Battery image Chih Young Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Battery Charger for Scooter / Power wheelchair
    2. ON/OFF Switch, AC Input Socket
    3. Protection Fuse, Charging Indicator 1.Input: 100-120 / 200-240 VAC, 50 / 60Hz2. Output: 24VDC /3A, 4A, 5A3. Size: 190(L) x 97(W) x 50(T) mm ....

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  • Alkaline Batteries ( Disposable Batteries )

    Battery image Full Power Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Model no. of Panasonic: LR20(G), LR14(G), LR6(G), LR03(G), LR1(G), 6LR61Y(G).
    2. Nominal voltage (V): 1.5, 9.0. 1. Diameter (mm): 34.2, 26.2, 14.5, 10.5, 12.0.
    (1) length: 26.5.
    (2) width: 17.5.
    2. Height (mm): 61.5, 50.0, 50.5, 44.5, 30.2, 48.5. ....

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  • 60W, Single Output, Lead-acid Battery Chargers, Standard Battery Chargers

    Battery image Acro Engineering Incorporation

    The Spec Of Battery :
    # 60W / Single Output / 3-stage control #
    -Universal input range(100~240VAC/47~63Hz)
    -High Power density
    -RoHs, CE, CB, TUV, UL certification
    -3-year warranty
    -Great reliability
    -Convection cooled
    -Over voltage protection
    -Overload protection
    -Short circuit protection

    Our Lead-Acid Battery Chargers are used....

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  • Iphone Battery Pack And Protective Cases

    Battery image Mony Industrial Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Protective case with built- in battery.
    2. Smart LED power indicator.
    3. Non-slip grip design.
    4. Extend iPhone battery life.
    5. Standby time up to 270 extra hours.
    6. Music time up to 20 extra hours.
    7. Talk time up to 4.5 extra hours.
    8. Video time up to 6 extra hours.
    9. Internet time up to 4.5 extra hour....

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  • Solar Chargers

    Battery image Shou Meng Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1.Portable Solar Power Charger is a portable product which gives you the freedom to communicate from almost anywhere. Simply place the solar panels in a sunny location to provide a convenient solar charging point for your mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, Mp3 and so on.

    2.Portable, solar charger for Owleye light. ....

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  • Power Bank

    Battery image Ting Immediately Ind Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    *Fashion design using industrial PC material. Firm, small and easy to carry.
    *With slim design, smooth and comfortable touch. It’ll be a stylish addition to anywhere.
    *Extremely Large Capacity: 4000Mah Lithium Batteries
    *Intelligent protection circuit design provides over-charge, over discharge and short circuit p....

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  • Car Charger


    The Spec Of Battery :
    ✔ Stability
    ✔ Ultra small size
    ✔ Energy efficiency
    ✔ Suit MP3 player, Mobile Phone, Portable GPS device, PDA

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  • 2.54ph Battery Holders

    Battery image Best Rico Enterprise Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    2.54PH Battery holder with cable assembly. Please contact us for more information. ....

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  • AGM 6V4Ah

    Battery image Great Asia Electronic Co.,Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    Model:YT640 6V4Ah YT640 is a general purpose battery with 5 years floating design life , meet with IEC, JIS standard .With heavy duty grid, thickness plates, special additives, YT series battery have long and reliable standby service life.
    Product Specification
    Voltage Per Unit 6V
    Capacity 4.0Ah@20hr-rat....

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  • Batteries Multi Chargers

    Battery image All

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Only for batteries charging.
    2. A multi-charger that not only can charge 10 batteries at the same time, but read the information on LCD display. 1. 4V/600 ma. 2. 10 Slots Battery x 10. 3. According outlet. 4. LCD multifuiction display. 5. 430(L) x 40(W) x 20(H). 6. 900g. ....

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  • Battery Checkers

    Battery image Tainan Electronics Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    1. Quickly show you the condition of your car's electrical system.
    2. Easy to read and color coded status lights Magnet-mount. 1. Function: 11.0V/12.0V/12.5V/13.5V/14.0V/15.0V.2. Dimensions: 140 x 65 x 25mm.3. Weight: 75g. ....

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  • B/O CAR

    Battery image Jun-Hon Industry Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    3. AGE:OVER 2 YEARS.
    6. MAX LOADING WEIGHT:25KGS/55LBS.    SIZE:33"x17"x13.5"PACKING:1 SET/CTN/3.4’    ....

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  • Micro Usb Car Chargers

    Battery image Cyberland Co., Ltd.

    The Spec Of Battery :
    Car Charger
    Input: 12-24V
    Output: 5V, 1A
    Connector: Straight Micro-A USB We accept OEM/ODM designed. ....

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