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    Since it's foundation in 1980, for more than 2 decades, Shako Co. Ltd., has dedicated its entire resources to the field of pneumatic products, and committed its energies to develop and produce new products meeting the ever-demanding needs of automation. Main products including Pneumatic Cylinder. Our products successfully sold world-wide over 30 countries such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Pakistan etc....We are proud of our quality and gain trust of our customers. Shako, our brand, represents our reputation, guarantee to you. O.E.M and O.D.M projects are welcome. High volume deal with special price deal

Silver Manufacturers

  • ( Origin : Taiwan Manufacturer & Supplier )
    Established in 1980, Ton Weight Machinery Mfg Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing and delivering hydraulic & pneumatic parts & equipments such as Silencer, fixed displacement high pressure vane pumps, solenoid directional valves, hose couplings, label printing machines- label web slitters, and so on. We produced hydraulic cylinder & component at the first 5 years! After year1985, we started the industrial hose couplings, hydraulic valves, fittings, adapter, and quick release couplings! These wild range products offer the various and stable choice for the hydraulic power transmission and the delivery hose. Welcome to visit our website and hope you could get the products which you are interested in or more information.

Standard Suppliers

  • Ningbo Isaiah Auto-air Compressor Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of silencers, auto-air compressors, pneumatic fittings pneumatic silencers. It was establishes in 2001 and has passed ISO9001 quality specification system.

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  • Yuyao Xingjie Tongyong Machine Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of silencers, mufflers, wind scooper, magneto boot, muffler series, chain saw series, grass cutter fittings, wind scoopers, starter series, lamp series, 43F series, EX17 series, 168 series, other plant protection tools.

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  • Tejingsi Environmental Hardware Products Factory

    Manufacture of silencers, mufflers, rectangle silencers, ventilation rectangle silencers, testing kits, testing housing, noise barriers, noise gate, circular silencers, soundinsulation cover, ventilation device venetian blinds. It has getten Ten big and well-known brand Bronze Medal, Ten big and well-known brand certificate, patent certificate, and The province environmental protection industry association member of Guangdong.

    Profile : silencer - silencer

  • A Quality Auto Parts Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of silencers, mufflers, engine parts, fuel tanks, gearboxs, front suspension systems, steering systems, rear axles, rear suspension systems, wheel and brake systems, operate systems, bodies, electric systems. It was established in 2005.

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  • Zhanjiang Dexin Muffler Co., Ltd.

    Manufacture of silencers, mufflers, exhaust pipes in whole set, muffler assemblies, automobile fittings, purifying fixtures, parts of punch, parts of syphon, parts of welding. The company designs, produces and controls the quality of its products in strict accordance with the rules of ISO9001 Quality System Authentication and the standard for mechanical industry of the People's Republic of China (JB5137-91).

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  • Beijing Qingyun United Air Conditioner Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of air curtains, modular air handling units, cabinet air handling units, floor mounted fan-coil units, ceiling air heaters, bend silencers. The company has achieved ISO9001 quality authentication.

    Profile : air curtain

  • Yancheng Jingwei Intl Group Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of small engine parts, piston rings, pistons, piston pins, cylinder liners, valves, valve seats, valve pipes, valve tappets, crankshafts, camshafts, bearing shells, pitman assemblies, rocker arms, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, water pumps, water radiators, manifolds, fly wheels, compressors, nozzles, injectors, silencers, fuel boosters, feeders.

    Profile : small engine parts

  • Changchun Car Silencer Factory.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, switches, catalyse switches, exhaust systems.

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  • Hebei Lantian Automobile Noise Silencer Producing Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, heavy duty silencers, light duty silencers, mini cars silencers, air filters. It has passed ISO9001:2000 certification.

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  • Jining Far East Liangfei Converter and Muffler Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, three way catalytic converters, exhaust pipes, mufflers, tail pipes, automobile parts, motorcycle parts.

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  • Shanghai Honghu Muffler Factory.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, mufflers, vent pipes, cleanses. It has passed ISO9002, QS90000, TS16949:2002 certifications.

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  • Wenzhou Fukang Silencer Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, automobile silencers. OEM is welcome.

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  • Wuxi YNT Petrochemical Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, respiratory valves, flame arresters, filters, mufflers, level meters, cans accessories.

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  • Sharpe ( Nantong) Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

    Manufacturer of Silencer, silencers, high shear plane scattered emulsified equipments, mixers, sets emulsion dispersion devices, multifunction mixers, ribbon blenders, transportation equipments, static mixers, new filtration systems, muffler equipments, special pipeline equipments.

    Profile : Silencers

  • Hangzhou Meiya Generating Equipments Co., Ltd.

    Hangzhou Meiya Generating Equipments Co., Ltd main products include steam valves, temperature and pressure reduction units, control valves, automatic condensed water recovery units (machine set), plate type heat exchange sets, tube steam water separators, water trap valves, filters, cold slag machines, small flow and high range water pumps, sight glasses, silencers, cold slag machines, general valves, instrument control systems, PLC control systems, small scale DCS and remote supervision and control systems etc.

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