Manufacturer of Forged Products


Company Introduction

JIN HON FORGING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a company founded more than 30 years specializing in "forged products' manufacturing plant. Products encompass three major areas of industry-specific products, general anti-fall safety hooks, and professional auto repair tools. From early stage of bundle appliances, ratchet tie-downs, wire hook, hook, to current stage of steel plate, aluminum alloy heavy tension senior safety hooks, rings, buckles, and professional auto repair tools. 600-ton~up heavy-duty pneumatic punch press is the basic equipment to produce diverse products and services. A variety of CNC machining team can offer a variety of turning, German 2.5-ton hydraulic weights, and composite processing services. A thousand ton of heavy-duty pneumatic punch press and 2 tons of hydraulic punch machines are expected in the future. Hardness, tension, balance testing machine, magnetic particle inspection machine, and salt spray test machine will provide high-quality control inspection services, product diversification, precision quality, and fast delivery. Reducing costs is always the company's business philosophy.

Main Products

Our products including (1) ratchet buckles- extra long & middle wide ratchets, light duty ratchets. (2) cam buckles. (3) wire hooks- forged hook, forged hooks, double & single J hooks, S & claw hooks, close rave hooks, elded D rings, O rings, delta ring & locking snaps. (4) metal hooks- narrow flat hooks, twist & flat snap hook. (5) forged products- snap hooks, double security hooks, eye grab hooks, clevis grap & tow hooks. (6) forged belt rings, D ring, flat delta ring & connecting links, bent D rings, connecting links. (7) related products- end fitting, anchor points, nippers. (8) car repair tools, cargo control products, tie down hardware, coil spring & valve spring compressors, puller sets, puller & bear separators, ball joint removers, cast iron products, die casting, metal casting, engine tools, steering wheel puller sets, front wheel drive axel nut socket sets, pitman arm pullers, carabiners.