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Wet Process Polyurethane Synthetic Leathers ( Nonwoven Backing)

wet process polyurethane synthetic leather with nonwoven backing.

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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Wet process polyurethane synthetic leather uses non-woven fibers to produce synthetic leather for different types of applications. Based on the desired application and seasonal changes, the fibers are processes with PU, coated, printed, and pressed to form the finished products for different applications. Easy maintenance, and light-weight; its weight is only half that of the natural leather. In addition, due to the technological breakthroughs in the relevant materials (such as ultra-fine fiber) in recent years, the quality, firmness, air permeability, and water absorption capability are fast approaching those of natural leather. As a result, the product enjoys a wide variety of applications.

Specification :

1.Thickness: 0.68mm~2.3mm. 2.Width: 36"(91cm) 40"(100cm) 54"(137cm).

Features :

1. Shoes upper leather and lining.
2. Outer and inner leather for handbags.
3. Basketball, soccer, volley ball.
4. Belt leather.
5. Racket grip leather.
6. Label leather.
7. Leather with micro-fiber backing.

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