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Tire Drum Testing Machines

drum testing machine

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

It can key in ten sets of different steps of speed, load, and time ( or mileage ) at one time, then operating by the computer to do different condition testing, and listing the test data by printer. The tire will return back at once automatically during testing when separated, deflated or bursted. And the machine will stop automatically when all tires returning back.

Specification :

1. Model type tire: DTM- 40BV, DTM- 250, DTM- 200LV, DTM- 300RV, 2. Size test: vertical / horizontal. 3. Station speed: b/c, m/c, i/d, p/c, l/t, p/c-r, l/t-r, t/b/. 4. Range load: 40 km / hr, max.250 km/hr, max.200 km/hr, max.350 km/hr, max.300 km/hr, max.200 km/hr. 5. Range load: max.120kgf, 50~1000kgf, 250~2900kgf, 250~2900kgf, 250~2900kgf, 700~7500kgf. 6. Type load: weight / hydraulic. 7. Insep. Element: load cell. 8. Motor hp.: ac.2.2kw x 2, d.c.4q 55kw, d.c.4q 90kw, d.c.4q 75kw, d.c.4q 150kw, d.c.4q 110kw.

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