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tire building machine

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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Detail Information

Description :

We deeply understood that wishing to make a good quality tire, you would frist have to use a good building machine. As our background of working in tire making company so many years, we had studied the factors of the building machine which could effect the uniformity, the balancibility and the deviation of the tire, therefore, we got a great deal of experience of improving the existed building machine, and designed a new function building machine.

Specification :

1. Type: lst stage building m / c, 2nd stage building m / c. 2. Model: prb1-1215, prb1-1316, prb2-1216. 3. Tire size: 145-12~215-15, 155-13~215-16, 145-12~215-16. 4. Servicer: 2 ply+1 inner liner+2 side wall, 2 ply+1 inner liner+2 side wall, 2 steel belt+2 edge ply (or 1 cap ply ).

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