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tire testing machine

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  • Factory Location: Taiwan
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  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

Testing functions:
1. Basic function for tire endurance and high-speed performance test.
2. It can key in max, 20 different test steps of speed, load, and time (or mileage) at one time, then operating by computer, It would run and test step by step automatically, and printing out the tested data. (Max. 50 steps was option item)
3. It had a management function of showing all of testing situation by digital, then recording and printing.
4. The tire will return back during testing when tread separated, deflated or burst, and the machine will stop automatically while all tires returning back.
5. It had the following functions:
(1) Tire slip testing & camber testing system.
(2) The dynamic radius measuring system.
(3) The static radius measuring system.
(4) Tire inner pressure measuring system.
(5) Tire inner pressure controlling system.
(6) Tire outer surface temperature measuring system (infrared scanning for multi point checking).
(7) Tire rolling resistance testing system.
(8) Tire running growing measuring system.

Specification :

Can be ordered by buyers according to needed specifications.

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