Shawn Tech Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Shawn Tech Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of pneumatic drilling units, hydraulic drilling units, tapping units, ball screw and servo units, rotary transfer machine units, rotary tables, multiple spindle heads, drilling machines, tapping machines, special purpose machines, metal and machine parts. We are strict to the quality of our products and good services for our customers. In addition, we are very pleased to customize for your specific needs. If you want to know any information about our products or want to make an inquiry, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to setting up a good business relationship with your valuable company in the very near future. Contact us now!

Main Products

machine tool- (1) hydraulic & pneumatic drilling units, tapping units, drilling heads, drill heads, tapping heads, ball screw & servo units, ball screw spindle units, horizontal hydraulic coupling gear index tables, drilling machinery, tapping machines. (2) rotary transfer machine units- standard spindle & tapping units, universal & inverting units, cut off units, recess & cross drill heads, 12 station indexing table assembly. (3) multiple spindle heads- T & U & fixed type. (4) special purpose machines- 8 station vertical trunnion machines, 6 station rotary machinery, planetary 8 station rotary machines, drilling, boring, facing and chamfer machinery. (5) metal machine parts.