Garland Metals Industry Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Manufacturers, Exporters.


Company Introduction

Garland Metals Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing various kinds of flexible tubing for public telephones, communication appliances, and bath equipment. We also produce telephone hand sets and payphone parts. Our products have now extended into public restroom hardware. Garland supplies the international market with high quality reinforced flexible tube. We have passed tests and standards set by American Bell Lab. Our quality products have allowed us to partner with many well-known companies worldwide. We welcome new business cooperation and product development with related clients. Please visit to our homepage or contact us for more information.

Main Products

Our main products including (1) metal tubing- shower & telephone flexible metal tube, inter lock type shower tube, armored cord assembly, stainless steel armored cord, copper flexible tube, food service faucet, food service faucet & accessories, motorcycle tubing, earphone & microphone tubing, various custom-made connectors. (2) payphone parts- public telephone hand sets, dial pad and dial housing, emergency phone, PP wire with plug, payphone vault door, vault door and vault door protector, hook switch assembly & part. (3) washroom equipment- jumbo roll toilet tissue dispenser, waste receptacleaste, shower fittings & components, toilet dispenser, recessed paper towel dispenser & waste receptacle, recessed toilet dispenser, toilet tissue holder, soap dish with drain, wall mounted cigarette ashtray, sanitary napkin disposal.