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  • Model No: 660
  • Factory Location: Taiwan
  • Unit of Measure: SET
  • Sample Request: No
  • Warranty: 1 year(s)
  • Target Markets: Worldwide

Detail Information

Description :

1. It could be utilized in 3D, 2D,cylindrical and concave, protrusion graphic design and symbol engraving, as well as variety of curved, cast-shadow engraving.
2. It is adaptable to develop various of small and precision mold, such as commemorative plaques, name plates, watches and clocks, electrolysis, pen engraving, molds of zipper.

Specification :

Work Range
Work Table600 ×620 mm
Load of Work Table100 kg
Stroke of X Axis600 mm
Stroke of Y Axis600 mm
Stroke of Z Axis150 mm
Spindle to Table200 mm
Spindle Spec.
Spindle MotorHigh-Frequency Motor
Spindle Power1.1KW ~ 2.0KW
Spindle Speed3000~30000 rpm
Cutting Feed1 - 3000 mm
Tool ColletER-20
X.Y.Z. Feed Motor0.4 KW
Rapid Traverse ( X.Y )8000 mm/min
Rapid Traverse ( Z )6000 mm/min
Position Accuracy±0.01/300 mm
Repeatability Acccuracy±0.005 mm
Peripheral Requirement
空壓設備6 KG/cm2, 500 L/min
Net Weight1200 kg
Machine Dimensions1600×1600×1880 mm
包裝材積1960×1790×2130 mm

Standard Accessory

Half-canopied canopy, Tool cooling system, Auto-lubrication oil system, Heat exchanger, RS232 connection line, Spindle cooling system, Collet Holder, Collet, Lamp and Tool set.

Optional Accessory

Full-canopied canopy, High-frequency spindle, 4 th Axis, Automatic tool length compensation system, Air dryer.


Features :

1. High-rigidity structure, allowing high-speed and high-precision machining.
2. A multi-functioned CAD∕CAM program that can using scanner, digital-table and can address multi-axial for concurrent processing.

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